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  1. Rock America Mainstream December 1993

  2. 30 Jahre Formel Eins. Die Ultimative Fan-Edition Vol.3

  3. 30 Jahre Formel Eins. Die Ultimative Fan-Edition Vol.2

  4. 30 Jahre Formel Eins. Die Ultimative Fan-Edition Vol.1

  5. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 202 March 1985

  6. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 203 April 1985

  7. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 204 May 1985

  8. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 205 June 1985

  9. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 206 July 1985

  10. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 207 August 1985

  11. ETV ET-VideoLink Rock Hits 208 September 1985

  12. Rock America Dance January 1989

  13. Rock America Dance February 1989

  14. Rock America Dance March 1989

  15. Rock America Dance April 1989

  16. Rock America Dance May 1989

  17. MixMash Dance December 2005 - January 2006

  18. MixMash Dance November 2005

  19. MixMash Dance September 2005

  20. MixMash Dance June 2005

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