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  1. Hot Video September 2001

  2. Hot Video April 2001

  3. Top Hits USA Video VH-52 March 2007

  4. Top Hits USA Video VH-51 February 2007

  5. Top Hits USA Video VH-50 January 2007

  6. Top Hits USA Video VH-49 December 2006

  7. Top Hits USA Video VH-48 November 2006

  8. Top Hits USA Video VH-47 October 2006

  9. Rock America Dance December 1992

  10. Rock America Dance November 1992

  11. Rock America Dance October 1992

  12. Rock America Dance September 1992

  13. Rock America Dance August 1992

  14. Rock America Dance July 1992

  15. Rock America Dance June 1992

  16. Telegenics Number 138C. Top 40. September 1994

  17. Telegenics Number 128G. Country Trax. November 1993

  18. Telegenics Number 137C. Top 40. August 1994

  19. Telegenics Number 127G. Country Trax. October 1993

  20. Telegenics Number 136C. Top 40. July 1994

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 Dream  Video This Is Me

Hot Video April 2001

 Dream  Video This Is Me

ETV Network Vital Dance 9043 April 2001

 Dream  Video He Loves U Not

ETV Network Vital Dance 9036 September 2000

 Dream  Video He Loves U Not

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2000 Vol.3

 Dream  Video He Loves U Not (HQ2 Club Edit)

Hot Video March 2001

 Dream  Video He Loves U Not

Hot Video November 2000

 Dream  Feat. Kanye West Video Walkin' On The Moon

MixMash Dance September 2009

 Dream  Feat. Mariah Carey Video My Love

Rock America Mainstream April 2009

 Dream  Feat. Loon Video Crazy

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision September 2008
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