Boney M. - Stories (1990)

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «Boney M. Diamonds Vol.1»

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Boney M. Music Video Stories (1990)

Boney M. Diamonds Vol.1
From Album: Boney M. Diamonds Vol.1
Artist/Group: Boney M.
Music Video: Stories (1990)
Release: 2015
Style: Pop
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Boney M

«Boney M», one of the most impressive and popular bands of disco era, was formed in 1975. Although the group was formed in Germany the band members were not German, but came from Jamaica, Montserrat and Aruba.

Debut album «Take The Heat Off Me» was released in 1976, but the band had to work hard performing in clubs before it became popular. It was pure luck – the band got invited to one of the German programs where Boney M brilliantly performed their song «Daddy Cool» which is one their most popular tracks to this day. Beside Daddy Cool, which topped the charts in many European countries, the album also included hits «Sunny», «Baby Do You Wanna Bump». It also showed the band’s tendency to cover songs of other famous singers – that time the honour was given to «No woman, No Cry» by Bob Marley.

A year later second album «Love For Sale» was released and its road to fame was much shorter than that of the debut album. «Love For Sale» became the first album of Boney M that sold million copies. Songs «Ma Baker» and «Belfast» significantly contributed to the success. With the release of «Love For Sale» the band set off to their first large tour.

The most successful album of «Boney M» was «Nightflight to Venus» (1978). Its songs «Rasputin», «Rivers of Babylon» and «Painter Man» the audience loves to this day. The album became multi-platinum and was favourably received not only in Germany and Europe, but also in the USA. Without wasting any time the band recorded another successful album «Oceans of Fantasy» (1979). It became the second album that reached top lines of the UK charts and the second (and last) that received the multi-platinum status. After this album with hits like «Bahama Mama» and «El Lute» the band took a little break during which they released a disc with the most famous hits and even had time for a little quarrel.

Tension inside the band affected the release of next album «Boonoonoonoos» (1981) and eventually resulted in band’s inability to present it properly to the audience. The album wasn’t a success and didn’t get sales, so the interest for «Boney M» started fading away. Even the replacement of one of the band members and quick recording of «Christmas Album» where «Boney M» covered popular Christmas songs couldn’t help the situation.

To restore their reputation and get back to former glory the band members took another break to record album «Ten Thousand Lightyears» (1984). This album was planned to launch the popularity of «Boney M», but the reality set the record straight – the audience hinted that the band’s days were gone. Triumphant comeback failed and gradually even band’s founder and composer Frank Farian started losing interest in them. After releasing unsuccessful eighth album «Eye Dance» (1985) the group disbanded and now gets by reminiscence of former glory performing at parties and various events including the New Year’s shows.

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