Cascada - Everytime We Touch (Original Edit)

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «Hot Video June 2006»

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Cascada Music Video Everytime We Touch (Original Edit)

Hot Video June 2006
From Album: Hot Video June 2006
Artist/Group: Cascada
Music Video: Everytime We Touch (Original Edit)
Release: 2006
Style: Pop
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Cascada (Natalie Horler)

Natalie Horler, better known as Cascada, was born in 1981 in the family of a teacher and jazz-musician. It is quite obvious that since her early childhood, the future singer was interested in music, spent a lot of time in studios while recording songs, and tried herself as a singer of popular nursery rhythms.

When the singer was 17, she had already had a good working experience with DJs and musicians, was good at music styles and directions, and mastered different dancing techniques. In a year, she met the popular DJ Yanou. Working with him, Natalie recorded several songs, which became her first steps to the success. The singer and DJ presented a single “Miracle” on ‘the big stage’. A song “Everytime We Touch” made Natalie famous. It became the most popular single in 2006.

Later, they recorded an eponymous album, which spread in Europe and became one of the most popular albums of Germany and Great Britain. Music fans of USA also saw the true value of the new star. Here the album Everytime We Touch remained up in Top 40 for a long time.

Next two years Cascada worked hard at the image and popularity. They recorded the second album Perfect Day, which included both dancing music and cover versions of popular songs. This was taken by critics and fans as an attempt to refresh the singer’s repertoire and the public liked these experiments. At the end of 2007 and at the beginning of 2008, Cascada’s new album was listened to in Europe and USA and its main single “What Hurts the Most” topped popular charts. DJ Yanou and Natalie Horler left most promising singers behind and became the best selling band in 2007.

In spring 2009, Cascada gave the first information on the release of the third album. The album Evacuate the Dancefloor was presented by the singer in many night clubs of Great Britain and turned to be for a wide range of listeners. Thanks to several successful experiments with music genres, this album managed not only to keep the interest of fans of Cascada’s earlier work but to get thousands of new admirers. The title single “Evacuate the Dancefloor” was first on the British chart. That was Natalie and Yanou’s moment of glory.

To stir up the interest of Cascada’s fans, Natalie announced in her interview the beginning of work at the fourth album at the end of 2009. Its release was slated for the end of 2010. The singer met the expectations of her fans and in April, she presented the title single from her new album Pyromania, which was not less successful than the previous ones. Currently, Cascada is one of the most popular groups known worldwide. Natalie Horler performed on the one stage with the most famous pop-singers and sold millions of platinum albums.

Apart from her vocal achievements, Natalie Horler also has an award for The Best Dance Performance, which she received during International Dance Music Award Ceremony when her single “Everytime We Touch” was already up on the charts of many countries.

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