Chris Brown Feat. Lil' Wayne - Gimme That

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «Hot Video June 2006»

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Chris Brown Feat. Lil' Wayne Music Video Gimme That

Hot Video June 2006
From Album: Hot Video June 2006
Artist/Group: Chris Brown Feat. Lil' Wayne
Music Video: Gimme That
Release: 2006
Style: Urban
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Chris Brown

Chris Brown is one of the youngest and promising talents on the world R'n'B stage. The musician, whose career had been recognized successful when he was 16, is a symbol of the success for millions of young fans of his talent. His very successful debut with the song “Run It!” was first on Billboard Hot 100 that was an exceptional case for a male artist.

According to the singer and his immediate surrounding he liked hip-hop since his childhood. At the same time, he began to flow but, not surprisingly, he discovered his vocal talent at the age of 16. The boy began to sing and he sang about love mainly.

Chris believes that the topic of the teen-age love deserves not less attention than relationships of adult people. Many adults think that it is not possible to feel the real love in youth and these feelings are not serious. However, Chris tries to convince people that they are mistaken. “Despite the young age, we are also able to love”, he explains.

Chris’ managers admit that he came into the music industry knowing what he wanted exactly and having a potential to carry out the biggest plans. He is not only a good singer and has a perfect sense of rhythm but a good dancer and can grasp such details of the music business, which are beyond of many adult artists’ power. But Chris Brown remains a teenager, who likes girls and basketball, puts a lot of time into his own interests, which are nothing to do with music, and please his fans with new songs devoted to love and other values.

Many people admit that Chris Brown has an unmatched style and charisma. His first album, released in 2005, sold 1.8 million copies. Chris became famous beyond USA and his home land, Virginia, treats him as a real hero.

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