David Bisbal - Silencio

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «MixMash Espanol February 2007»

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David Bisbal Music Video Silencio

MixMash Espanol February 2007
From Album: MixMash Espanol February 2007
Artist/Group: David Bisbal
Music Video: Silencio
Release: 2007
Style: Latin
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David Bisbal

A charismatic Spaniard David Bisbal began to be interested in music after finishing school, at the age of 18. With the support of his relatives (at first his mother was set against the idea but she finally gave in) and friends, he eventually became one of the participants, and later, a runner up of the Spanish popular music reality show Operación Triunfo in 2001. One the winners of this show could get the right to represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest, and David almost reached a big stage…However, based on the results of the national election, he gave place to his colleague, being second only.

But this also can be treated as a success because David Bisbal captured the public and record companies’ attention. He signed a contract with Vale Music Record company, representatives of which carefully watched David Bisbal winning the hearts of listeners and audience. Working in Miami, the singer released his first album, which was certified as seven times platinum within Spain. The album was released under the title Corazón Latino, its songs were listed on all popular charts of the musician’s native land. And its title single “Ave María” became an absolute hit. Corazón Latino also earned a prestigious award Ondas for The Best Album 2002. The singer himself is a holder of eight golden CDs for his sales.

The artist’s popularity spread beyond Spain earlier when during 2002-2003 he had several dozens of concerts in the largest concert halls of the region’s countries. Grammy Awards 2003 was David’s moment of glory. He earned an award from the category Discovery of the Year and was nominated for several other awards. Soon after, he won World Music Awards for The Best Pop-Artist in the World, which David Bisbal gained due to the release of one studio record.

The second album Bulería, recorded by David Bisbal in the studio in 2004, surpassed the success of the first one. David Bisbal was loved by the public for his striking and energetic performance. The above mentioned album became brilliant in many Latin American countries. It sold over 1 million copies, topped the charts of USA, and became popular with music admirers in Europe.

David Bisbal took his profession seriuosly. He did not just enjoy the beams of his glory but kept on working. In 2005 and 2006, the singer released his next two albums, which he recorded in periods of time between tours and concerts. Another two albums were released in 2009 and 2010.

David Bisbal’s popularity, gained among listeners worldwide, may be regarded as unprecedented. His unbelievable rise and ability to be the most popular world pop-artists during a long time are evident of an undisputable talent of the young singer as well as of his persistence, diligence, and, the main thing, desire to continue his music career and to develop in the chosen direction. David’s Latin American coloring and attractive appearance together with his vocal and rousing performances make him an idol of millions of people. Hopefully, the singer will please the audience with new songs and albums in years to come.

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