Avril Lavigne - He Wasn't

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «MixMash Italiano March 2005»

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Avril Lavigne Music Video He Wasn't

MixMash Italiano March 2005
From Album: MixMash Italiano March 2005
Artist/Group: Avril Lavigne
Music Video: He Wasn't
Release: 2005
Style: Pop
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Avril Lavigne

At the beginning of a new millennium there appeared a bright star at the world pop-rock scene whose name was Avril Lavigne – a young Canadian singer whose debut album Let Go (2002) has sold 16 million copies in total. Many of her singles topped charts of the USA and European countries and albums steadily took first positions in the international charts.

From childhood Avril Lavigne was notable for her rebellious spirit and the only thing she was really interested in was music. Parents, having realized that their daughter would never be a great scientist or a diligent clerk, were understanding and in every way encouraged young Avril who, year upon year, was reaching the top of the musical arena.

Having started to perform at local public events, after all she was on the air, won several musical contests and was noticed by the representatives of Arista Records. It is a label that Avril Lavigne had signed a million contract with in autumn 2000 and having given up school, she focused seriously on her music career.

Avril Lavigne's debut album released two years later the contract signing with Arista Records in the end reached number 2 on the Billboard 200. She became the youngest singer whose album peaked the UK chart and according to the results of 2002 it was Avril Lavigne who became the top-selling singer in the USA. Many listeners remembered a single titled «Complicated» that turned out among the most popular compositions of a decade and for a long period it topped the charts of different countries, from Canada to Australia. For the music video to " Complicated", the singer was named Best Artist at MTV Video Music Awards not to mention a whole number of other awards that Avril Lavigne received at the beginning of her career ascent.

Further singer's albums such as Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing and Goodbye Lullaby also were more than successful. One after another they peaked the Billboard 200 Chart, headed the tops of different countries and singles from them held top positions in the charts of different countries of the world. In total, by 2010 there were sold more than 30 million copies of a young singer's albums all over the world. She also tried herself rather successfully as an author of soundtracks to animation and feature films.

Working in wide range of genres – from plain "pop" to wild "punk", – Avril Lavigne seems to satisfy the requirements of the most general audience. However, the singer herself asserts that the most essential for her is self-realization in her favourite pursuits. Moreover, texts of the most of her songs call to the youth for the same – not to be afraid of their desires, define clear goals, be able to cope with failures and go on with heads held up. Evidently, that owing mainly to this, Avril Lavigne managed to win hearts of millions of young music lovers through all the continents and at present the singer is not going to close up her star music career.

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