Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.3»

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Iron Maiden Music Video The Final Frontier

MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.3
From Album: MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.3
Artist/Group: Iron Maiden
Music Video: The Final Frontier
Release: 2011
Style: Metal
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Iron Maiden

«Iron Maiden» is one of the most successful modern bands in the genre of heavy metal. «Iron Maiden»’s golden age, as well as the whole genre’s has fallen mainly on the 1980s. Steve Harris, band’s irreplaceable guitarist together with his companions managed to climb up to the very crest of the heavy music wave, which was flooding the civilized world at that time.

«Iron Maiden» first album of the same name was released in 1980, although the band was formed five years before this. Such delay was due to band’s thorny path to fame, which included changes in the original lineup and choosing the material for a debut. Songs selected for this album draw the audience’s attention, almost immediately putting the album to fourth place in the British charts. Part of the songs are included in the «Iron Maiden» concert program to present day, having become just the same kind of tradition, as Eddie the mascot’s obligatory appearance on the stage.

Over the decade that followed the release of their debut, the band focused on strengthening their own positions. The album «Killers» (1981) brought them to the international scene, including the U.S. Later, however, the band was forced to part with vocalist Paul Di Anno, who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse back then. Bruce Dickinson took his place, and later became the most famous “voice” of «Iron Maiden». «The Number of the Beast» released in 1982 had perhaps the most successful album sales in the band’s entire career. It has brought them the long-awaited first position in the British charts, with song «Piece of Mind» (1983) taking place in the top ten in many European countries.

With the release of their next album «Powerslave» (1984) group felt a certain creativity crisis. The numerous “platinum” results and hit «Aces High» loved by the public didn’t help it. So they had decided to take a short break, during which they arranged a grand tour and begun experimenting with the synthesized the sound. As a result of this break, an album called «Somewhere in Time» (1986) the main theme of which was built around space and time, saw the light of day. The subsequent «Seventh Son of a Seventh Son» consolidated the synthesized sound tradition, adding keyboards to the piggy bank of the band’s instruments. Back then «Iron Maiden» members openly admitted that they didn’t have enough time to do everything at once, and they had to choose between the release of new material, touring, solo projects and other trifles like personal life. We can’t say whether this was the true reason, however in the next ten years new albums’ sales felt dramatically, despite their relatively high places in the charts, and one single, which was able to conquer the first line of the British top: «Bring Your Daughter ... to the Slaughter» from the album «No Prayer for the Dying» which was released in 1990. «Fear of the Dark» (1992), «The X Factor» (1995) and «Virtual XI» (1998), as we stated earlier, did not cause much of excitement.

Everything changed with the release of «Brave New World» (2000), when Dickinson, who left the band in search of success returned to the group in the early nineties. Encouraged by the more melodic compositions and “familiar” vocals the audience greeted this album very favorably, elevating the group to the level of the former glory and re-opening it to the public. «Dance of Death» (2003), «A Matter of Life and Death» (2006) allowed to build on the success and for the first time in a long while to reach the platinum sales level, with «The Final Frontier» (2010) showing altogether incredible results, occupying the first line in the charts of eight countries.

At the moment, the group is engaged in a world tour in support of their previous album. The band members tend not to reveal any plans concerning their new record. Only time will tell, whether the “final frontier” will indeed be the last one or not...

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