Bad Boys Blue - Go Go (Love Overload)

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Bad Boys Blue Music Video Go Go (Love Overload)

Rock America Dance April 1994
From Album: Rock America Dance April 1994
Artist/Group: Bad Boys Blue
Music Video: Go Go (Love Overload)
Release: 1994
Style: Pop
MP4/MPEG-4 file options |
Video: Advanced Video Codec, High@L3.0 Audio: AAC v4, Bit rate 576Kbps, 2 channels, Sampling rate 48.0KHz
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Bad Boys Blue

«Bad Boys Blue» is one of the most successful European bands performing music in Euro Disco style. It is also one of the oldest ones and those who held out on the stage for so long time and managed to be in almost all charts and release several dozens of resounding hits.

The band was formed in 1984 in a German city Cologne on initiative of two producers - Tony Hendrik and Karin van Haaren. They were looking for talented performers for participation in recording of a single «L.O.V.E. In My Car» that was forecasted for a success among club public but totally failed in all charts. Performers were found very soon but as a project didn't proved expectations of its authors they decided not part with Andrew Thomas, Trevor Taylor and John McInerney but go on working and after all gain substantial results.

It took them not much time for that – in a year after start-up of mutual activity, in 1985 they recorded their famous single «You’re A Woman» that blew up charts of the most European countries, having started among the first ten of popular compositions. At the same time «Bad Boys Blue» decided to record their debut album. Album titled «Hot Girls — Bad Boys» at a moment conquered not only western listeners. The band of «bad boys» was to Soviet people's liking, having become one of the cult western groups in the territory of the USSR in the middle of the 1980s of the past century.

The band enjoyed wide popularity up to the beginning of the 1990s until there were lineup changes in the group and activity of its members became less pronounced. Having released several compilations and cover-versions of their own compositions, they withdrew into the shadows, having made way for new musical directions and new music groups. A lull lasted for several years however, at the end of the 1990s due to anew outflamed interest of the general public in the good old high quality disco, the band once more made themself known with a single «You’re A Woman’98». Unexpectedly for everyone the song broke through charts and that made members of «Bad Boys Blue» resume singles and albums recording, having released at the turn of the century four new albums and made several videos, viewing which still provokes melancholy feelings of nostalgia for the 1980s.

The beginning of a millennium was marked for «Bad Boys Blue» musicians by tour activity and it wasn't their conscious decision but rather a coincidence. After contract expiration, in 2001 Coconut company refused further cooperation with the band and they had to look for a new label for albums recording.

After all, there was signed a contract with a small company - «Bros Music», however, once cult "Bad Boys Blue" didn't manage to achieve the same success and popularity. And, generally speaking, it is natural as modern terms dictate their own rules of the game and a choice among musical directions and performers is very wide today and "veterans" of the scene have already lost their actuality. Nevertheless, at the beginning of a new millennium «Bad Boys Blue» appears periodically on TV and in the concert halls, permanently gladdening their old fans as well as young ones. They also continue to release albums, it is generally compilations and remixes, but nevertheless, rather big numbers of copies are sold out. In 2011 «Bad Boys Blue» has planned to release their next album but there is nothing known about it yet.

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