Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «Rock America Mainstream October 1988». Video is also available in MP4 format

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Sade Music Video Nothing Can Come Between Us

Rock America Mainstream October 1988
From Album: Rock America Mainstream October 1988
Artist/Group: Sade
Music Video: Nothing Can Come Between Us
Release: 1988
Style: Pop
MP4/MPEG-4 file options |
Video: Advanced Video Codec, High@L3.0 Audio: AAC v4, Bit rate 576Kbps, 2 channels, Sampling rate 48.0KHz
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The British group Sadе and its one and only soloist Sade Adu are known worldwide. Sade, the daughter of a Nigerian lecturer in economics and an English nurse, was born in Nigeria where she spent her early childhood. When the girl was 4, her mother returned to England because of family quarrels. Here Sade grew up and was inspired with the spirit of the western culture.

In the season of her youth, Sade Adu developed herself in various creative directions, ranging from dancing to attempts to build a model career and became a fashion designer. By the way, the attempts were rather successful. Sade worked in the model business a couple of years and had some success. Her pictures covered a lot of magazines. And today Sade’s beauty makes the hearts beat faster and her vocal is perfectly harmonized with the vocalist’s appearance and image.

However, the work of a model did not satisfy needs of the singer’s soul. In 1980, she joined a music group Arrive, which played a Latin American popular music, and became its vocalist and song co-writer. At first sight, nothing special was in the group’s work but that was Sade’s chance to make first steps in a new direction and made herself known in an absolutely new quality. Sade was accepted as a singer in 1983 due to her active participation in two music groups at once. At that time, listening attentively to the songs’ sounding, one could dip into the future and predict the world popularity to the group, which later would be called by its vocalist’s name – Sade.

By this time, Pride, another group of Sade, had disbanded. However, its members did not take a run as it usually happened. Instead of that, they blended their forces in working at a new project and searching their own unmatched sounding. Combining such music styles as soul, rhythm-and-blues, and a little altered and much slowed jazz, they created a really unusual, sprinkled much with exotic rhythms of the music of Caribbean Basin’s countries, sounding. Originally, Sade’s project was solo but a well coordinated teamwork led to the creation of a new group. Sade appeared on MTV, she was called a sample of a delicate taste and held up as a model of style and elegance.

Sade’s real success was a song “Your Love Is King” – a head single of the debut album entitled Diamond Life. The album soon became golden on the territory of Great Britain in 1984 and in USA a year later. At the same time, a videoclip to a song “Smooth Operator” became one of the most popular on MTV. In 1985, it earned an award for The Best Female Video and Sade became The Best New Artist of the Year on MTV. In 1986, she received the most prestigious Grammy Award in the same nomination. In total, the group’s first album sold over 6 million copies.

The next album Promise allowed critics and listeners to talk about approval of a new music direction and Sade became the classics of this direction. In the late 80s, the band embarked on a world tour and was greeted with applauses at every concert of the band. However, in 90s, while the group’s members arranged their private lives, Sade released only two albums, which, by the way, were quite successful and expected for the audience.

Sade’ continued to work also at the beginning of the new millennium. Its album Lovers Rock, released in 2000, was met by a multimillion army of this group’s fans with admiration. In spite of the fact that no one from the band’s members get younger, including unmatched Sade Adu, she is still a model of beauty for many admirers and her vocal remains perfect. In 2010, ‘Sade’ released the last album and gladdened the world public.

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