50 Cent - In Da Club

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «UK Chart Video May 2003»

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50 Cent Music Video In Da Club

UK Chart Video May 2003
From Album: UK Chart Video May 2003
Artist/Group: 50 Cent
Music Video: In Da Club
Release: 2003
Style: Urban
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50 Cent

The famous rap artist Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is a perfect example of the American dream’s coming true. The black native of southern New York spent his childhood in a very troubled atmosphere. 15-years-old mother of Curtis began drug dealing to raise her son but the boy’s father never let them hear from him.

When Curtis was 7, his mother was murdered. However, she managed to implant the kid’s love of expensive things and a fat city. When he set on his feet, Curtis was keen to get namely those possessions. Following in his mother footsteps, 12-years-old boy, being in charge of his relatives, began drug dealing together with his cousin, a partner in crime, Michael by the nickname 25 Сent. Presently, Michael is also a famous rapper known by his stage name Two Five.

Not surprisingly, Curtis James Jackson’s life style came before a fall. Being a teenager, he went to jail for drug and arms sale several times that finally led him to the court and imprisonment for three years. To avoid that, he made the deal with the justice and spent half a year in the correctional boot camp. After the time spent in the camp, he was going strong and decided to change his life for the better. He began with changing his name for 50 Cent, which became his stage name later.

Despite, it was difficult to escape the past life, 50 Cent did his best for that. At age of 20 the teen met one of the members of Run DMC and launched his music career under his supervision. 50 Cent became an author and singer of several songs, which, surprisingly, turned to be successful. In 2000, 50 Cent, a musician and family man, overcame another blow of fate being shot in the street in broad day-light. Due to doctors’ efforts the rapper survived but this event changed his life forever. After leaving drug dealing, music and family became the point of 50 Cent’s life.

It is really spectacular that after going through many trials, 50 cent became a world star. People call his songs classics of the genre, and today Curtis has millions in his possession. In spite of his “bohemian” present life, 50 Cent keeps on being interested in the life of New York’s troubled streets. He devotes many songs, videos, and his own books to it.

His album Get Rich Or Die Tryin beat all the records and was certified ten times platinum on the territory of USA. Every new CD, released by the musician, is a real event in the rap world.

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