Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena 2K

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «UK Chart Video May 2003»

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Armand Van Helden Music Video Funk Phenomena 2K

UK Chart Video May 2003
From Album: UK Chart Video May 2003
Artist/Group: Armand Van Helden
Music Video: Funk Phenomena 2K
Release: 2003
Style: Pop
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Armand Van Helden

Armand Van Helden was born in Boston in a family of a serviceman that's why there were frequent relocations during his early age. In his childhood and youth a musician-to-be travelled half the world living in Turkey and Netherlands, however, in the 1990s his family returned to Boston and Armand, having acquired skills of a DJ by that time, started to perform in local nightclubs.

From 1994 his music career developed successfully thanks to author's albums and remixes represented for the general Boston public. His single «Witch Doktor» released for Strictly Rhythm label took the 5th place in the USA as to sales and "settled" for a long time in American charts as well as acquired fame among European fans of house-music. For long months he resounded on all dance-floors of Europe and the USA steadily extending the number of fans of Armand Van Helden's works.

Musician's remixes that sometimes were more popular than originals gave him access to the music arena. World stars such as Janet Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Britney Spears and Puff Daddy began to address to him for ordering remixes. Being inspired by growing popularity, in 1996 Armand Van Helden released his debut album titled «Old School Junkies» and immediately after that a compilation of his best hits. One of them, «U Don’t Know Me», topped the American charts, became number one in the UK and won music lovers of Canada and Australian continent. Singles «Cha Cha» and «The Funk Phenomena» had already made Armand one of the most called-for club performers and his new achievements only consolidated his status.

Notwithstanding that Armand's musical experiments not always were accompanied with stunning success, after all, he managed to take up leading positions among club musicians. He continued his activity in the same direction focusing on house fans and closer to 2000 he turned to rap-music - the style that he worked in at the start of his career. Besides this, Armand Van Helden tried his strength as a producer, having established his own label Armed Records.

At present Armand's career activity experiences lull as, according to the performer himself, he needs some rest from musical club battles. However it doesn't mean that the world will not hear anymore new author’s singles and remixes performed by the famous house-musician. His numerous fans hope that soon Armand Van Helden will return to the ranks and gladden them with high quality compositions that will again and again be played in clubs and on dance-floors rejoicing with their clear rhythm, harmonious electronic chords and individuality that make Armand's works so recognizable and catchy.

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