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One of the oldest and still loved by the wide audience foreign pop-groups was officially formed in 1976 when two Norwegian musicians Pål Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen created a duet titled ‘Bridges’. Traveling with concerts around the country, they met their future vocalist Harket, due to whom the band acquired a real unique vocal sounding, which provided the team popularity.

But that happened later, in 7 years since the band’s foundation. In 1983, Harket became an official vocalist of the band together with creation of the title ‘A-Ha’.

A-Ha signed its first contract with Warner Company. The guys got their fast rise to the top of glory after recording world-famous singles “Take On Me” and “The Sun Always Shines On TV”, which were loved not only by European listeners but by music fans from USA, Australia, and other countries of the world. The debut album Hunting High and Low, released in 1985, immediately took the tops of American and European charts, earned many prestigious awards, and became a starting point in the talented Norwegians’ world tour.

Electro-pop style combined with a pure vocal and original instrumental techniques, took the listeners by storm, and the world tour, that was a great success, earned the band the popularity the guys had been dreaming about for a long time. But the guys had also pitfalls in their music career. For example, by the end of 80s, A-Ha had temporally been out of the running at the time of popularity of new styles and music directions. And their fourth album did not have the popularity musicians and producers relied on.

In 1992, the band released the fifth album, which was not a failure but it did not meet expectations of both artists and fans. For this reason, the band’s members decided to put aside their career for a while and worked at own projects, which were nothing to do with music. They tried themselves in acting and spent a lot of time with their families. Magne Furuholmen wit his companion worked at soundtracks for films, and Harket launched his solo career, which, by the way, was rather successful.

However, in 1998, A-Ha was reunited. Nobody knows the exact reason of their reunion but results spoke for themselves. The song “Minor Earth Major Sky” and the eponymous CD, recorded in 2000, became a world sensation. Many songs from the album, for example, the famous single “Summer Moved On”, became super hits. The band followed up the success with the series of concerts and release of hit compilations. In 2005, the group recorded their next album titled Analogue, which gifted the world with several melodic singles.

In four years, in 2009, A-Ha decided to cast mind back that resulted in recording a new album. Most of the songs from this album resembled the band’s early works. In autumn of 2009, the band announced a coming disbandment that drew a lot of comments among the band’s fans. The farewell tour with a symbolic title ‘Ending on a high note’ gathered many hundred thousand fans. The series of concerts in European countries became a final point of the ingenious trio’s existence.

The group disbanded on the 2nd of November, 2010 after performing the last concert in the capital of Norway – Oslo. During the years of their joint work, musicians recorded a lot of albums and sold millions of copies, earned several awards, and created videos for their most famous songs. Although the band’s fans do not wait news from their idols anymore, A-Ha’s works are still known and popular worldwide.

A-ha Video You Are The One

The Video Pool UK January 1989

A-ha Video Take On Me

Rock America AOR June 1985

A-Ha Video Hunting High And Low

The Video Pool UK June 1986

A-Ha Video Train Of Thought

The Video Pool UK April 1986

A-Ha Video Cry Wolf

Videopool Dance January 1987 Vol.1

A-Ha Video I've Been Losing You

Videopool Dance October 1986 Vol.2

A-Ha Video Train Of Thought

Videopool Dance February 1986 Vol.1

A-Ha Video Crying In The Rain

Telegenics Number 96C. Top 40. March 1991

A-Ha Video Dark Is The Night

Telegenics Number 125C. Top 40. August 1993

A-Ha Video The Living Daylights

Telegenics Number 53C. Volume Five. August 1987

A-Ha Video The Sun Always Shines On TV (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool December 2003

A-Ha Video Summer Moved On (From Wetten Dass)

Wetten Dass. 30 Jahre. Die internationalen Stars

A-Ha Video Cry Wolf

Telegenics Number 46A. Volume Four. January 1987

A-Ha Video I've Been Losing You

Telegenics November 1986. Volume Four. Number 44A

A-Ha Video Take On Me

Pure '80s. Totally New Wave

A-Ha Video Foot Of The Mountain

MixMash Pop August 2009

A-Ha Video Hunting High And Low

Telegenics August 1986. Volume Four. Number 41C

A-Ha Video Train Of Thought

Telegenics March 1986. Volume Three. Number 36A

A-Ha Video Take On Me

Hot Video Classics Best Of 84-86 Vol.1

A-Ha Video The Sun Always Shines On TV

Telegenics January 1986. Volume Three. Number 34A

A-Ha Video Hunting High And Low

MixMash 80s Classics Vol.16

A-Ha Video The Living Daylights

MixMash 80s Classics Vol.17

A-Ha Video Take On Me

Telegenics July 1985. Volume Three. Number 28A

A-Ha Video Take On Me

ETV Network Vital Classics 21. More Hitz Of The 80's

A-Ha Video Cosy Prison

MixMash Pop May 2006
A-Ha Videos download in VOB format

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