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Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

Young, attractive, and talented Alicia Keys is an icon of millions of people today. The reason of that lies not only in her wonderful vocal and ability to combine it perfectly with an expressive piano playing but in her bright artistry, which is noted even by the strictest and sceptical critics.

Alicia Keys was born in America in 1982. At the age of five, she learned to play keyboard instruments and later, the girl sang in the choir. Alicia liked the music so much that even enrolling at the university did not become a serious spur for her to begin another, perhaps, more scientific and important activity. After four-year studying at the university, Alicia Keys dropped out of it and devoted all her free time to the music career.

Being both a singer and a songwriter, she signed a contract with Arista Records company in 1998 but their collaboration lasted one year only and did not bring substantial results. The second attempt was a contract with a new company, named СЕО J Records (BMG). Its founder was a former director of Arista Records Clive Davis and its first singer – Alicia Keys.

Soon Davis' professionalism in combination with Keys' talent enabled the young singer to make herself known, performing at concerts and festivals. In 2001, the singer released her debut album “Songs in A Minor” and immediately topped the most of charts. Also, music admirers of America and Europe marked the single “Fallin”, thanks largely to which the singer's first album was met so positively.

In 2002, Alicia's talent was not left unnoticed by Grammy Awards' organizers also. She received awards for The Best Artist and The Best Female Vocal. The album, entitled Songs in A Minor, became The Best R&B Album and the song “Fallin” - The Best R&B Song correspondingly.

In winter 2003, Alicia Keys released her second album The Diary Of Alicia Keys. Songs, included into it, combined perfectly an electronic sounding and sounding of 'live' music instruments and made critics admit Alicia's wonderful taste and her apparent abilities in music experiments. Two years later, in 2005, Alicia Keys released her concert CD, titled Unplugged, and earned a few Grammys for the vocal mainly.

The singer's third album was released in 2007 and peaked at number one in Billboard 200. The years 2008 and 2009 also turned to be very successful for Alicia's music career. She is not going to stop working, acting in films, recording soundtracks, performing at charitable concerts, and having an indirect influence on political moods in the society. In sum, a lot of people will agree that Alicia Keys made a right choice in her youth, presenting the world with such a stunning, music, and talented singer.

Alicia Keys Video Karma

MixMash Italiano January 2005

Alicia Keys Video Like You'll Never See Me Again

MixMash Italiano March 2008

Alicia Keys Video Unbreakable

Top Hits USA Video VH-37 December 2005

Alicia Keys Video How Come You Don't Call Me

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2057 June 2002

Alicia Keys Video A Woman's Worth

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2051 December 2001

Alicia Keys Video Karma

MixMash Dance January 2005

Alicia Keys Video Girlfriend

MTV Urban Beat 2003

Alicia Keys Video Fallin'

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2046 July 2001

Usher Feat. Alicia Keys Video My Boo

Top Hits USA Video VH-22 September 2004

Alicia Keys Video Karma

Top Hits USA Video VH-24 November 2004

Eve Feat. Alicia Keys Video Gangsta Lovin' (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool April 2003

Usher And Alicia Keys Video My Boo

MixMash Urban October 2004

Alicia Keys Video No One

MixMash Italiano November 2007

Alicia Keys - Destiny's Child Feat. T.I. And Lil' Wayne - Mis-Teeq Video Karma - Soldier - One Night Stand

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision December 2004

Alicia Keys Video You Don't Know My Name

Top Hits USA Video VH-14 January 2004

Usher And Alicia Keys Video My Boo

MixMash Francais February 2005

Eve Feat. Alicia Keys - Mary J. Blige - B2K Feat. P. Diddy (Puff Daddy) Video Gangsta Lovin' - Family Affair - Bump Bump Bump

Dance Mix Video April 2003

Eve And Alicia Keys Video Gangsta Lovin'

ETV Network Vital Dance 9060 September 2002

Eve Feat. Alicia Keys Video Gangsta Lovin'

Hot Video September 2002

Alicia Keys Video Tears Always Win

Hot Video August 2013

Cham Feat. Alicia Keys Video Ghetto Story Chapter 2

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision September 2006

Alicia Keys Video A Woman's Worth

MixMash Urban July 2008

Alicia Keys Video If I Ain't Got You

UK Chart Video May 2004

Alicia Keys Video No One

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2008 Vol.1

Alicia Keys Video Like You'll Never See Me Again

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2008 Vol.1
Alicia Keys Videos download in VOB format

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