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Anastacia is one of the most popular pop-singers in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, she is not only a model of powerful and qualitative female vocal but also a writer of her own songs and musical compositions.

The singer was born in Chicago in 1968 but later her family moved to New York. Anastacia's childhood and youth were not tied with music except of her teen-age passion for dancing. But then, in the early 90s a girl decided to try her luck on her musical career as a singer and she almost at once scored a success performed on TV-show Oleta Adams' song «Get Here». In the meantime for the first time she appeared on MTV in videos together with the rap-group «Salt-N-Pepa».

Anastacia attracted the interest of record labels only in the end of the 1990s after making the finals of a MTV talent show where she won honourable second place. In spite of her failure to become a winner, Anastacia was successful in impressing jurymen. However that was not a thing that impressed a young singer the most but a phone call from a legend of pop-music, Michael Jackson, after the competition completion. He phoned her in order to encourage and support a newcomer music star. According to the singer herself, this crucial call became a powerful stimulus for her to advance and develop in the chosen direction.

After that she signed a contract with Daylight Records and got an opportunity to release her debut album «Not that kind». As a result the first album's single - «I'm Outta Love» - topped the most pop charts in the USA as well as in Europe and a video of this song was broadcasted on MTV for a long time. The album, once achieved the gold sales, twice gained the platinum status afterwards; more than 5 million copies were sold all over the world. It was a very impressive start as for a beginner, - a lot of critics emphasize.

They also paid due attention to the unusual and in some way unique voice of this white singer that is more like Afro-American gospel-vocal that the representatives of black-skinned race are so famous for. Unusual contrast between a fragile European appearance and powerful vocal became Anastacia's distinctive feature, her outstanding zest and her worldwide success was just a matter of time.

In November 2001 during «MTV Europe Music Awards» Anastacia was awarded with honorary title «Best pop-artist» that was deserved reward for all her endeavours on the music arena. The same year she released her second album «Freak Of Nature» that in a moment won the fans' hearts and charted high positions in many countries of the world. And two years after the singer suffered a serious stress that was provoked by medical treatment of breast cancer diagnosed by accident. For the period of treatment and restoration the singer had to suspend her music career so, the third album, titled «Anastacia», came out only in 2004. After these years the talent of an American was not forgotten and millions of fans received her new work with delight having known what unbelievable efforts it cost to Anastacia to record this album.

Having restored her health the singer continued to pursue not only music but she also has established a fund that helps women to overcome breast cancer, released her own clothing line and perfume... In a word, she continued to carry on her activities, recording singles and releasing new albums. But, frankly speaking, there has been not much news from Anastacia in recent years however, devoted fans of her profound texts and unique voice are looking forward to and hope that the singer will gladden them with her new songs and impressive videos.

Anastacia Video Heavy On My Heart

MixMash Italiano March 2005

Anastacia Video Stupid Little Things (Manhattan Clique Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.125

Anastacia Video I'm Outta Love

Best Of The Dome Vol.1

Anastacia Video Left Outside Alone

German Charts. Best Of 2004

Anastacia Video Left Outside Alone (From Wetten Dass)

Wetten Dass. 30 Jahre. Die internationalen Stars

Anastacia - Melanie C - Jewel Video I'm Outta Love - Never Be The Same Again - Intuition

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision March 2006

Anastacia Video One Day In Your Life

Club Video July 2002

Klea - Anastacia - Mousse T. Video Tic Toc (Club Edit) - Why'd You Lie To Me (M.A.S.H Master Edit) - Fire (The Beginerz Vocal Mix Edit)

Club Video November 2002

Anastacia Video Love Is A Crime (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool July 2003

Anastacia Video Not That Kind

ETV Network Vital Dance 9038 November 2000

Anastacia Video Pieces Of A Dream

MixMash Espanol December 2005 - January 2006

Anastacia Video Sick And Tired (Chill Remix) (Div-A-Matic Video Edit)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision November 2004

Anastacia Video Heavy On My Heart

MixMash Francais February 2005

Anastacia Video Heavy On My Heart

MixMash Francais March 2005

Anastacia Video Why'd You Lie To Me

UK Chart Video August 2002

Anastacia Video Left Outside Alone

Canada Hot Video June 2004

Ben Moody Feat. Anastacia Video Everything Burns

Modern Rock Video August 2005

Anastacia Video Left Outside Alone

UK Chart Video April 2004

Anastacia Video One Day In Your Life

MixMash Urban April 2008

Anastacia Video Boom

MixMash Football Anthems

Anastacia Video I'm Outta Love

MixMash Love Songs Vol.8

Anastacia Video Love Is A Crime (Thunderpuss Club Edit)

Club Video June 2003

Anastacia Video I'm Outta Love

ETV Network Vital Dance 9029 February 2000

Anastacia Video You'll Never Be Alone

UK Chart Video December 2002

Anastacia Video I'm Outta Love

UK Classic Dance Vol.4
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