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  1. Rock America Dance February 1995

  2. Rock America Dance January 1995

  3. Telegenics Number 118G. Country Trax. January 1993

  4. Telegenics Number 117G. Country Trax. December 1992

  5. Telegenics Number 104G. Country Trax. November 1991

  6. Telegenics Number 105G. Country Trax. December 1991

  7. Telegenics Number 105D. Dance Plus. December 1991

  8. Telegenics Number 105C. Top 40. December 1991

  9. Telegenics Number 105B. Urban. December 1991

  10. Telegenics Number 105A. Progressive. December 1991

  11. MixMash Espanol June 2007

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  17. MixMash Espanol December 2006

  18. MixMash Espanol June 2006

  19. The Video Pool UK June 1989

  20. The Video Pool UK May 1989

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At the peak of pop-punk music in the early 80s there was born and built up a known British trio «Bananarama». It is interesting that at the beginning of their music career trio members could not play any musical instrument so, their debut performances in English clubs were without accompaniment - only a cappella. However, they were helped by a popular DJ Harry Crawly in cooperation with whom girls recorded their first studio single. A song titled «Ai A Mwana» became a success of the band, entering charts, as well as interested London Records label.

«Bananarama» signed a contract with London Records in 1982 and the same year trio members represented their real hit - a composition titled «It Ain’t What You Do, It's The Way That You Do It». This song allowed them to establish them a reputation as a powerful and perspective young band and already in a year that paid off - «Bananarama» works were estimated at their true worth by American music lovers.

Introduction to the American market was accompanied with a release of a debut album «Deep Sea Skiving» that included all studio singles of «Bananarama». After the band was talked about at another continent, girls summoned their strength and recorded another several new songs called-for in Europe as well as in the USA. By this time the singers almost got rid of the "punk"-component in their works focusing mostly at classical "pop" of the 80s.

However, the work stalled because of inexperience of a young group and absence of any concert activity that, as practice shows, is an obligatory success component of a newcomer artist. Weak activity of «Bananarama» resulted in the fact that in 1985 there appeared rumours about possible extinction of the band notwithstanding that its members were continuing to win the laurels of the previous successful projects.

Perhaps, the band would sink into oblivion, was it not for entrepreneurial spirit of producers who got down to «Bananarama» in real earnest and in 1986 girls recorded a cover-version of a song «The Venus». This work became the band's trademark on an international scale and the album «True Confessions», having entered American top charts, restored the former glory of the band.

However, it didn't last for a long time – in 1987, one of the band's singers, who had married, left the group and thereby «Bananarama» trio turned into a duet. Girls continued to release albums and record songs many of which became the hits however, by the middle of the 90s «Bananarama» activity fizzled out for years. An album released in 1996 became the last new album in their career. Records released at the beginning of a new millennium are mostly compilations of the compositions of previous years.

Bananarama And Lananeeneenoonoo Video Help!

The Video Pool UK March 1989

Bananarama Video Long Train Running

Telegenics Number 104D. Dance Plus. November 1991

Bananarama Video Love In The First Degree

The Video Pool UK October 1987

Bananarama Video I Heard A Rumour

Rock America Dance July 1987

Bananarama Video Nathan Jones

Telegenics Number 71D. Dance Plus. February 1989

Bananarama Video I Heard A Rumour

The Video Pool UK July 1987

Bananarama Video A Trick Of The Night

The Video Pool UK February 1987

Bananarama Video More Than Physical

Rock America Dance October 1986

Bananarama Video Venus

The Video Pool UK June 1986

Bananarama Video Every Shade Of Blue

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 619 August 1995

Bananarama Video A Trick Of The Night

Videopool Dance January 1987 Vol.1

Bananarama Video Love In The First Degree

Telegenics Number 60A. Progressive. March 1988

Bananarama Video Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (Angel City Mix Edit) (ISV Video Mix By Grant Smith)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision October 2006

Bananarama Video Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision January 2006

Bananarama Video Wild Life

Rock America October 1984

Bananarama Video More Than Physical

Videopool Dance October 1986 Vol.1

Bananarama Video I Heard A Rumour

Telegenics Number 52A. Volume Five. July 1987

Bananarama Video Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

Telegenics July 1983. Volume One. Number 4A

Bananarama Video Shy Boy

Telegenics June 1983. Volume One. Number 3C

Bananarama Video Robert De Niro's Waiting

Rock America May 1984

Bananarama Video I Can't Help It (12 Inch Version)

ETV Network Vital Dance 9042 March 2001

Bananarama Video A Trick Of The Night

Telegenics Number 46A. Volume Four. January 1987

Bananarama Video Rockamerica Megamix

Rock America Videopool June 2003

Bananarama Video Robert De Niro's Waiting

Telegenics May 1984. Volume One. Number 14B

Bananarama Video Really Saying Something

Bananarama. 30 Years Of Bananarama
Bananarama Videos download in VOB format

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