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Benny Benassi

Italy presented the world with not only original cuisine, exclusive fashion and stars of the world football. In this sunny country unusually rich of different talents there were born and grown up stars of movie and music including modern.

Let’s look, for example, at Benny Benassi who was born in a small settlement not far from sunny Milan. Benny Benassi is a DJ, composer and famous house musician who is inspired by electronic music of the 80s. According to Benny Benassi himself, he does his best to restore sounding of the 80s that has absolutely special energetics that is ideally fit dance-floors of a new millennium.

Notwithstanding that Benny Benassi has practiced music for a long time, he gained real popularity only in 2003 when he, together with his relative who also dealt with electronic music, recorded a famous single «Satisfaction». This song resounded all over the world having been marked in charts of almost all countries, holding top positions. Each performance of this song in any European club was received by public with wild delight and Benny Benassi's colleagues expressed their frank acknowledgement that was a significant reward for his labour.

However, Benny Benassi doesn't complain about popularity and all-round busyness. It is known that he together with his cousin record singles and remixes that, as a result, become real hits in dance style. Among them are the following famous compositions: «Feel Alive», «Hit My Heart», «Turn Me Up», «Make Me Feel» and many others. A lot of European musicians, both representatives of old school and newcomers, are happy to collaborate with him. And for many newcomers collaboration with Benny Benassi becomes a good start of their professional music career.

Benny Benassi himself doesn't only sit in his studio or performs only in clubs of native Italy. He actively plays on tours in Europe gladdening numerous fans of his music with "live" performances. The musician confessed in one of his interview that inwardly he feels always young and tries to share this state with active, full of enthusiasm audience. He not at all was the last in numerous DJ ratings. Among his achievements there are the first places in the national rating WorldDJ (2006 and 2007) and Italian TheDJList (2006 and 2008) and the 12th place in the world rating TheDJList. During the period from 2005 to 2008 Benny Benassi also was marked in these and other ratings at lower positions but still he was among the best.

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