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Chemical Brothers
Chemical Brothers

The world-famous group ‘Chemical Brothers’ is a creation of two students from Manchester, who decided to devote themselves to searching new soundings and recording unusual music works. An idea of creating the band arose in 1990 when the love to dancing music united Ed Simons and Tom Rowland and they named themselves ‘Dust Brothers’.

The guys started their work with rather venturous experiments that allowed them for performing in the local club ‘Nacked Under Leather’. The public fell in love with a fresh sounding and Simons and Rowland’s extraordinary approach to music. The general recognition was just a question of time.

They needed not much time for that. As performances in the local clubs did not satisfy ambitious musicians, they decided to create their own home record studio. And they did that soon. The song “To The Siren” was their first studio-related success. They pressed 500 copies of the record, which was sold out to the fans of talented students and finally reached Andrew Weatherall, famous for his contribution to the non-standard electronic music in the early 90s. It was he who made Simons and Rowland’s works available to a wide audience that was the first step of the British duo to the world popularity.

After finishing studying, the band moved to London and began to work with local clubs. Soon after, the guys recorded a single “14th Century Sky”, and metropolitan public as well as other singers saw the true value of the boys’ talent. But there was an observe case. In 1995, the band was threatened with a court action for using the name of company Dust Brothers and the guys had to be in search of similar variants. That was the story of appearance of the band Chemical Brothers, which became a sort of the symbol of the innovative approach to the electronic music. The group became popular worldwide due to its unique “chemical” fusion of styles and directions balanced well in the young singers’ works. In 1995, the guys released their debut album titled Exit Planet Dust, which received the best comments of critics and music fans.

By the end of 1996, Chemical Brothers had prepared for the European tour as Headliners. By this time, their singles had been played on radiostations and topped on the most popular charts of Great Britain. After visiting many European countries and bathing in the striking success, Chemical Brothers traveled to USA as a cheerleading squad. Being generally recognized, in 1997, the band recorded the second album Dig Your Own Hole, which immediately became a real sensation in the world of the electronic music.

In following years, Chemical Brothers released several albums and singles, made a lot of videoclips, performed on the world stages, and earned many international awards, including a Grammy Award for the track “Block Rockin’ Beats”. Their status of founders of a new music direction called Big Beat also contributed to the guys’ popularity. By the beginning of the new millennium, the ambitious plans of Britishers had been carried out. But, according to the singers themselves they were and are “just guys, who write the dancing music”.

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Directors Label Vol.3. The Work Of Director Michel Gondry

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Directors Label Vol.3. The Work Of Director Michel Gondry

Chemical Brothers Video Elektrobank

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Rock America Videopool February 2004

Chemical Brothers Video Galvanize

Top Hits USA Video VH-29 April 2005

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Chemical Brothers Video The Boxer

MixMash Francais September 2005

Chemical Brothers Feat. The Flaming Lips Video The Golden Path

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Chemical Brothers Video The Boxer

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Chemical Brothers Video Believe

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Chemical Brothers Feat. Fatlip Video The Salmon Dance

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Chemical Brothers Video The Boxer

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Chemical Brothers Video The Boxer

Modern Rock Video August 2005

Chemical Brothers Video Believe

Modern Rock Video July 2005
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