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Dj Bobo

Rene Baumann, better known as DJ BoBo in show business, is a singer, dancer, and producer from Switzerland. Rene started his work with dancing, namely break dancing. Later, he was interested in a rhythmic music and since 1985 tried himself as a DJ. Working in different clubs of Switzerland, Rene decided to make his own career and started recording singles. In 1989, he released his first single «I Love You» and in 1991, tracks «Ladies in the House» and «Let's Groove On» were released. But the real popularity came to Rene when he released his super-hit «Somebody Dance with Me» under the stage name “DJ BoBo” in 1992. In no time the single took the tops of charts in Switzerland, Germany, and many other European countries. The second track «Keep on dancing» was not less popular and took leading positions of European hit-parades. Bathing in popularity, DJ BoBo released a long expected debut album Dance with me (1993). The hit single of this album was also a song «Take Control» listed on top 20 hits of several countries. In 1994, DJ BoBo released a song «Everybody» and his second album There is a part, including its singles «Let the dream come true» and «Love is All Around», which became hits in Europe.

In the beginning of 1996, DJ BoBo released his first slow track «Love is the Price». In the end of 1996, he released an album World in Motion, which should set a new record in popularity and success among all previous albums. And this target was achieved. The next album was Magic released in 1998. The most popular singles were «Where is Your Love» and «Celebrate». The sixth album of the most popular singer of Switzerland, titled Level 6, was released in 1999 and became a hit album like released singles «Together» and «Lies». DJ BoBo kept on working and released a next album Planet Colors in 2001. One of Rene’s most successful singles is definitely «Chihuahua» released in 2002. It became a soundtrack of one of Coca Cola advertising campaigns. The next studio album Pirates of Dance was released in 2005. Singles «Pirates of Dance» and «Amazing Life» became #1 hits in Switzerland. In 2007, DJ BoBo represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the single «Vampires Are Alive». Despite the song was loved by fans, it came in nowhere. The album Vampires was released in 2007. Besides the song «Vampires Are Alive», singles «We Gotta Hold On» and «Because of You» were released. In 2008, DJ BoBo was honored with performing an official hymn of the European Football Championship 2008. The song «Olé Olé» was chosen for this purpose. An album Fantasy was released in the beginning of 2010. The first official single of the album was a song «Superstar». A track «This is my Time» became its second single.

Dj Bobo Video Medley (There Is A Party - It's My Life - What A Feeling - Pray) (The Dome Chartparty Live)

Best Of The Dome Vol.1

Dj Bobo And Mike Candys Video Take Control (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.100

Dj Bobo Video Take Control (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.96

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Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision June 2006

Dj Bobo Video Chihuahua

Rock America Videopool July 2003

Dj Bobo Video It's My Life

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision December 2006

Dj Bobo Video I Believe

Rock America Videopool March 2003

Dj Bobo Video Respect Yourself

Disco Hits 90s Vol.9

Dj Bobo Video Chihuahua

MixMash Latin Party Vol.2

Dj Bobo Video Pray

MixMash Dance Classics Vol.21

Dj Bobo And Irene Cara Video What A Feeling

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision October 2005

Dj Bobo Video Everybody's Gonna Dance

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision January 2012

Dj Bobo Video Everybody

Disco Hits 90s Vol.7

Dj Bobo Video Pray

Disco Hits 90s Vol.8

Dj Bobo Video Everybody's Gonna Dance

Screenplay VJ-Pro Club Vision January 2012

Dj Bobo Video There Is A Party

Disco Hits 90s Vol.6

Dj Bobo Video It's My Life

MixMash Dance Classics Vol.17

Dj Bobo Video Keep On Dancing

Disco Hits 90s Vol.5

Dj Bobo Video Let The Dream Come True

Disco Hits 90s Vol.4

Dj Bobo Video Celebration

Summer Vibes

Dj Bobo Video Freedom

Disco Hits 90s Vol.3

Dj Bobo Video Superstar

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision April 2010

Dj Bobo Video Superstar

Screenplay VJ-Pro Club Vision April 2010

Dj Bobo Video There Is A Party

Fetenclips Beach Party

Dj Bobo Video Take Control

Disco Hits 90s Vol.2
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