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Duran Duran
Duran Duran

«Duran Duran» is one of the leading groups on the world scene that was a powerful incentive and had a great influence on music development in the 1980s. Formed in 1978 in Great Britain, «Duran Duran» in several years won the listeners of Europe and America having become one of top-selling groups of the world. And that was important taking into account the fact that initially the group was created as a commercial project, legendary popularity came a little bit later than a commercial success.

Having started their music career performing in nightclubs of Birmingham, already in 1980 the band went on their first tour and signed a contract with EMI record company and under this label in 1981 they released their debut studio single «Planet Earth» and then a debut album - «Duran Duran». It took it some time to appear among the top three of the best albums and held out in the UK charts for the whole 118 weeks.

In 1982 there was released the second album «Rio» several compositions from which, such as «Hungry Like the Wolf», «Rio» and others became hits and the videos to songs «Hungry Like the Wolf» and «Save a Prayer» stroke viewers with their brightness and brilliance. And a year later «Duran Duran» peaked the British chart with their famous song «Is There Something I Should Know?» and after recording of some other impressive singles they became idols for millions of people. In 1984 they received Grammy from nomination «Best Music Video, Long Form» («Duran Duran») and in 1985 – «Best British Video» («Wild Boys») at the BRIT Awards.

For the group's fans an unpleasant surprise was the fact that, having reached the peaks, «Duran Duran» unexpectedly suspended their activity and the members diverted their attention to other musical projects. In 1986, being reduced, the group released next album «Notorious», but it wasn't a great success, they only managed to forward the main single of the album into charts of the UK and other countries of Europe. After that there was a long lull and only in the early 1990s the group again attracted public's attention to themselves, having released a single «Ordinary World» resounding all over the world (1993).

In 1995 the group recorded several cover-versions that were compiled in an album titled «Thank You». Later on musicians had to refuse the cooperation with EMI and sign a contract with another record company, that's why their next album was released under label Hollywood. The beginning of a new millennium was marked for «Duran Duran» by world tour promoting their album «Pop trash» that started in Moscow. And at the beginning of 2002 the group rejoined and started working on recording of their next album trying to restore the former glory and return acknowledgement of millions of fans.

And they have succeeded. Tickets for «Duran Duran» concerts were sold out immediately and surge of phenomenal group popularity made record companies to reconsider their careful treatment of pop-scene "veterans". In 2003 the group, celebrating their 25th anniversary, gave a number of anniversary concerts and received Lifetime Achievement Awards from MTV and Q magazine. The band signed a four-album contract with Epic Records, three of which were released in 2004, 2007 and 2010 respectively.

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Duran Duran Video Ordinary World

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Duran Duran Video All She Wants Is

Telegenics Number 70D. Dance Plus. January 1989

Duran Duran Video Meet El Presidente

The Video Pool UK May 1987

Duran Duran Video Come Undone

Wolfram Video 1112 Hot Video A. May 1993

Duran Duran Video Arena The Video Mix (From The Film Arena)

Rock America Dance May 1986

Duran Duran Video Ordinary World

Wolfram Video 1073 Hot Video B. February 1993

Duran Duran Video What Happens Tomorrow

MixMash Italiano February 2005

Duran Duran Video Notorious

The Video Pool UK December 1986

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Videopool Dance February 1987 Vol.2

Duran Duran Video White Lines

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 615 April 1995

Duran Duran Video The Reflex (From Bananas)

Das Beste Aus Bananas Vol.3

Duran Duran Video Meet El Presidente

Videopool Modern Dance May 1987 Vol.1

Duran Duran Video Wild Boys

Rock America AOR December 1984

Duran Duran Video Notorious

Videopool Dance November 1986 Vol.2

Duran Duran Video Rio

Rock America October 1982

Duran Duran Video I Don't Want Your Love

Where Were You? 80's Vol.3

Duran Duran Video Notorious

Where Were You? 80's Vol.2

Duran Duran Video Rio

Rock America Rock Of The 80s Vol.4

Duran Duran Video New Moon On Monday

Rock America March 1984
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