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Fanny Lu
Fanny Lu

A Latin American actress and music performer Fanny Lu was born in Colombia though she was partly educated in Europe, in France. However, certificate of degree in industrial engineering didn't give satisfaction to a girl; she was attracted by the scene, television and cinema - in a word, lustre of the bohemian world.

Since 1994 she had been a presenter of a popular Latin American show and, constantly moving in famous creative person circles, Fanny Lu gradually gained experience necessary for entrance the society. Notwithstanding that a girl applied efforts to achieve fame and acknowledgement communicating with experienced musicians and producers, she didn't managed to do it in her youth. But in 2006, after signing of a long-awaited contract with Universal Latino, she, at last, represented her debut album titled «Lagrimas Cálidas». The lead single of the album - a song «No Te Pido Flores» - was number-one on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts not only in her homeland but also in the USA, Mexico and Venezuela. The album itself in a short time reached the gold status, having brought Fanny Lu not only the first substantial profit but also the first devoted fans of her musical works.

The second album «Dos» Fanny Lu released two years later, in December, 2008, when the singer was already known and loved not only by Latin American music lovers but also listeners from North America. The single «Tú No Eres Para Mi» didn't leave a popular radio station during three months and in spring 2009 it peaked at number-one on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks.

Somebody may consider the singer's achievements as rather modest in comparison with swift rises of her North American and European colleagues. However, one cannot but take into account that nevertheless, Fanny Lu was able, on heavy competition, in two years to gain acknowledgement of the audience of two continents at once. And this means nothing but talent, diligence and possible prospects of the singer who will surely make herself known with impressive videos and stirring songs.

Fanny Lu Video No Te Pido Flores

MixMash Espanol March 2007

Fanny Lu Video Fanfarron

Vip-Express Videos September 2011 Vol.1

Fanny Lu Feat. J-King And Maximan Video Celos (Remix)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Latin Vision December 2009

Fanny Lu Feat. J-King And Maximan Video Celos (Remix)

Latin Video November 2009

Fanny Lu Video Tu No Eres Para Mi

Latin Video November 2008
Fanny Lu Videos download in VOB format

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