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  1. Howard Jones. The Best Of Howard Jones

  2. Telegenics Number 104D. Dance Plus. November 1991

  3. Telegenics Number 104C. Top 40 Pop. November 1991

  4. Telegenics Number 104B. Urban. November 1991

  5. Telegenics Number 104A. Progressive. November 1991

  6. Telegenics Number 103D. Dance Plus. October 1991

  7. Telegenics Number 103C. Top 40 Pop. October 1991

  8. Telegenics Number 103B. Urban. October 1991

  9. Telegenics Number 103A. Progressive. October 1991

  10. Belinda Carlisle. The Anthology

  11. Sam Brown. The A And M Years 1988-1990

  12. Frida. Something's Going On

  13. Kylie. Greatest Hits 87-92

  14. The Video Pool UK July 1995

  15. The Video Pool UK June 1995

  16. The Video Pool UK May 1995

  17. The Video Pool UK April 1995

  18. The Video Pool UK March 1995

  19. The Video Pool UK February 1995

  20. ETV ET-VideoLink Modern Progressive 3004. February 1993

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'Terminator 5' News: First 'Genesis' VIDEO Featuring Kyle Reese Being Chased ...
'Terminator 5' News: First 'Genesis' VIDEO Featuring Kyle Reese Being Chased By Cops and T-800 Revealed?

2015 Hyundai Genesis earns IIHS TSP+ [w/video]
Hyundai has just earned itself another Top Safety Pick+ award, following on the success of the Elantra way back in August 2013. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has certified the new, second-generation Genesis luxury sedan as a TSP+ following ...

2015 Hyundai Genesis: Top Safety Pick Plus Rating from IIHS [Video]
Each video puts Millen behind the wheel of a 2015 Hyundai Genesis with all of its windows blacked out. He's challenged to prove the usefulness of the car's backup camera, lane assist and automatic emergency braking by making it through three dangerous ...

2015 Hyundai Genesis Earns IIHS' Top Safety Pick Plus Award
Everyone has their own beliefs so I don't care if you side with science or put yourself to faith or are too lazy to think about it, that doesn't really change anything here.


Genesis Video Throwing It All Away

The Video Pool UK July 1987

Genesis Video Jesus He Knows Me

Wolfram Video 1012 Hot Video A. August 1992

Genesis Video Land Of Confusion

Videopool Dance January 1987 Vol.1

Genesis Video No Reply At All (From Top Pop)

Top Pop Classics Vol.21

Genesis Video Hold On My Heart

Wolfram Video 0974 Hot Video B. May 1992

Genesis Video I Can't Dance

Wolfram Video 0943 Hot Video A. February 1992

Genesis Video No Son Of Mine

Wolfram Video 0923 Hot Video A. December 1991

Genesis Video Abacab (From Top Pop)

Top Pop Classics Vol.07

Genesis Video I Can't Dance

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 192. March 1992

Genesis Video No Son Of Mine

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 189. December 1991

Genesis Video Invisible Touch

Essential Music Videos. Album Rock

Genesis Video Illegal Alien

Rock America Mainstream March 1984

Genesis Video Anything She Does

Telegenics Number 54C. Volume Five. Septemeber 1987

Genesis Video In Too Deep

Telegenics Number 51C. Volume Five. June 1987

Genesis Video Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Telegenics Number 49C. Volume Four. April 1987

Genesis Video Land Of Confusion

Telegenics Number 46C. Volume Four. January 1987

Genesis Video Hold On My Heart

Telegenics Number 110C. Top 40. May 1992

Genesis Video I Can't Dance

Telegenics Number 107C. Top 40. February 1992

Genesis Video Throwing It All Away

Telegenics December 1986. Volume Four. Number 45C

Genesis Video No Son Of Mine

Telegenics Number 106C. Top 40. January 1992

Genesis Video That's All

Telegenics February 1984. Pop Rock 5

Genesis Video Invisible Touch

Telegenics July 1986. Volume Four. Number 40C

Genesis Video Hold On My Heart

Best Of Love Songs Vol.8

Genesis Video I Can't Dance

MixMash Rock Classics Vol.3

Genesis Video Can't You See Me Mama

Rock America Dance October 1983
Genesis Videos download in VOB format

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