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Girls Aloud
Girls aloud

At first glance, the British quintet «Girls aloud» doesn’t stand out much from the many girl pop bands that have appeared on the scene in the beginning of the new millennium. As a rule, these bands should consist of young, artistic and charming girls – this what makes it easy for them to win the hearts of any audience (especially its male representatives) with their outstanding performances and quality vocals.

A curious fact is that «Girls aloud» did not make their appearance due to a long and hard work of each of the participant, as it usually happens. For their formation the band owes to the famous British TV show under the name «Popstars». Its creators have set a goal not just to find a true talent, but to transform the uncut stones into the full-fledged popular bands which would be capable of winning if not the international recognition, then at least the love of the British music fans.

In case of the «Girls aloud», they’ve managed to do it one hundred percent. At the end of 2002, right on the eve of the traditional holiday season, the perfect gift for the five girls was the number one in the UK charts. This achievement was made possible due to the band's successful first single - the song «Sound of the Underground», which stayed on top of the charts for a month. And after that the band recorded their debut self-titled album, consisting of 15 songs, which was no less popular among the audience than the talented five’s first single.

However, the critics’ opinion has slightly overshadowed the overall joyful picture: the new pop-collective was not well received by them. And that was not surprising, since the «Popstars» show creators have been previously blamed for the fact that, although all their stars are talented, they all are pretty much the same. However, this did not affect the girls’ enthusiasm; neither did it affect the amount of sales of their studio work. And over the next five years, from 2003 to 2008, they’ve released five more albums and several singles that invariably were at the head of the hit parades in their native England.

The band’s last album under the title «Out of Control» was released in 2008. The single «The Promise» from this album was not just successful - it brought «Girls aloud» the award for the best single at the «Brit Awards» in February 2009. But it was for 2009 to become the last active year of band’s work. To date there is no reliable information whether or not «Girls aloud» would continue their activity or after having signed a few contracts and announcing plans for the future, the band would finally split.

Girls Aloud Video Jump (Rockamerica Remix)

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Now That's What I Call Music! 2006 The DVD

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UK Chart Video November 2012

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Girls Aloud Video Jump

MixMash Kids Vol.2

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Girls Aloud Video Long Hot Summer

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MixMash Pop September 2004

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Now That's What I Call Music! 2005 The DVD

Amerie - Baby Bash Feat. Akon - Girls Aloud Video 1 Thing - Baby I'm Back - Sound Of The Underground

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision August 2005
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