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Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

It is no accident that Janet Jackson is called a legend of three decades. The youngest daughter of the legendary Jackson family has been known to the public since her childhood - first as a little actress, then as a young song performer. Janet Jackson’s first attempts to make it to the big scene were met without much enthusiasm, the critics pointed out that the 16-year-old girl takes advantage of her famous family name, while possessing very inexpressive vocal abilities. However, following the release of her third album titled «Control», with the help of her producers the young singer appeared on MTV and quickly became a star of the small screen.

Constantly improving herself, perfecting and honing her skills, in 1989 Janet Jackson released her next album named «Rhythm Nation 1814». It consisted of seven singles, all of which peaked at number one on the Billboard magazine chart, which brought Janet almost instant fame and popularity not only in the U.S., but also far beyond. In 1990, the album became the best-selling recording of the year, having sold over fourteen million copies worldwide. Therefore, no matter what the critics were saying during Janet Jackson’s early career, she was destined to international popularity.

In 1991, the young singer became one of the highest paid recording artists in the world, having signed a highly publicized multi-million dollar contract with the Virgin Records label. Within the next two years the rising star Janet Jackson has become a worldwide sex symbol. In general, the 90s were the most successful years in Janet’s career, her singles and albums conquered the charts and hit-parades all over the world; she was in demand not only as a singer but also as an actress. Every Janet Jackson’s public appearance was met by a standing ovation; her name did not leave the pages of thematic journals and magazines. And, as a result, in the end of the millennium, she was recognized as the most successful artist of the 90s. Album titled «All for you», released in 2001, launched from the first position of Billboard chart; it was quite natural that eventually Janet Jackson entered the top of best-selling pop artists in history, ranking at the 11th place.

Janet was not spared of prestigious awards and nominations. In 1990, she received a Grammy «For the best music video» with the video «Rhythm Nation 1814». In 1994, she was awarded with the Grammy for the music video «Scream», as well as for the single «That's The Way Love Goes» in a nomination for “Best R & B Song”. In 1998, she was nominated for a Grammy again and won the award for “Best Video” for «Got 'Til It's Gone». In 1994, the singer was nominated for “Oscar” for the song «Again», and in addition, she is the owner of 14 American Music Awards, including for best music videoNasty», «When I Think of You») Janet Jackson holds the record for the number of Billboard awards – overall of 34 awards.

Herb Alpert Feat. Janet Jackson Video Diamonds

Rock America Dance June 1987

Janet Jackson Video Pleasure Principle

Rock America Dance June 1987

Janet Jackson Video If

Wolfram Video 1142 Hot Video A. August 1993

Janet Jackson Video The Pleasure Principle

The Video Pool UK July 1987

Herb Alpert Feat. Janet Jackson Video Diamonds

The Video Pool UK June 1987

Janet Jackson Video That's The Way Love Goes

Wolfram Video 1112 Hot Video A. May 1993

Janet Jackson Video Nasty

The Video Pool UK June 1986

Janet Jackson Video What Have You Done For Me Lately

The Video Pool UK April 1986

Janet Jackson Feat. Nelly Video Call On Me

Top Hits USA Video VH-46 September 2006

Janet Jackson Video You Want This

Telegenics Number 139D. Dance Plus. October 1994

Janet Jackson Video Feedback

MixMash Italiano March 2008

Janet Jackson Video Any Time, Any Place

Telegenics Number 135C. Top 40. June 1994

Janet Jackson Video Come Back To Me

Wolfram Video 0718 Hot Video A. July 1990

Janet Jackson Video Alright

Wolfram Video 0687 Hot Video A. April 1990

Janet Jackson Video Twenty Foreplay

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 222 November 1995

Janet Jackson Video Runaway

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 219 August 1995

Janet Jackson Video Escapade

Wolfram Video 0667 Hot Video A. February 1990

Janet Jackson Video Because Of Love

Telegenics Number 132D. Dance Plus. March 1994

Janet Jackson Video Got 'Til It's Gone

Directors Label Vol.4. The Work Of Director Mark Romanek

Michael Jackson And Janet Jackson Video Scream (Director's Cut)

Directors Label Vol.4. The Work Of Director Mark Romanek

Janet Jackson Video Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Telegenics Number 93D. Dance Plus. December 1990

Janet Jackson Video Again

Telegenics Number 128C. Top 40. November 1993

Janet Jackson Video If

Telegenics Number 125D. Dance Plus. August 1993

Janet Jackson Video That's The Way Love Goes

Telegenics Number 122C. Top 40. May 1993

Janet Jackson Video Black Cat

Telegenics Number 91C. Top 40. October 1990
Janet Jackson Videos download in VOB format

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