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Kings Of Leon
Kings Of Leon

The history of Kings Of Leon starts with a small town Mumford situated in Tennessee, USA. Here three brothers Followill and their cousin Matthew Followill first knew what the western civilization was when they were teenagers. Before this, they together with their family headed by their father, Pentecostalist, traveled in the country, preaching and nothing doing with the show business world. Moreover, the boys were not familiar with sounding of the modern music and they could hardly imagine what the television was… In a word, the guys were very far from the harmful influence of mass media that completely answered the family’s religion.

In 1998, the situation cardinally changed when the head of the family was degraded from the priesthood and began to lead a sedentary life. At that time, being free of strict religious rules, the guys first discovered a vicious but such a striking world of music and TV. It must be noted that four guys never liked pop music and they found their icons among rock bands. The first band, which impressed the Followills, was White Spripe. “We will play not worse than they!” the guys decided and got into stride enthusiastically.

One can not say that everything was going well. Years spent out of civilization and the boys’ bad music background were a source of their problems but the guys did not give up. At the moment of the band’s creation, its youngest member, who quickly mastered bass-guitar playing skills, was already 17. That was the high time to launch a music career. The boys drew the inspiration for their songs from their childhood, filled with faith, from bible myths and legends, and adventures they had, traveling in USA. Their folk rock sounded softly and naturally, and the brothers' developed imagination became a perfect creative support for writing new songs.

It is quite obvious that their first album Youth & Young Manhood, recorded in 2003, was based on Writings. It was released due to producer Ethan Johns, who contributed to signing a contract between Kings Of Leon and label RCA. Mass media became interested in the young quartet. They were compared with similar (and not much) bands from other cities and states. In spite of the fact that the quartet’s playing was, as they say, a little bit “raw”, people predicted them a big future.

They were called “the aliens from the past” for their image and selected music style. Their debut album reached number three on the British chart and sold over 80 thousand copies. The Followills really think (perhaps, not without reason) that they were lucky to rise to a good old rock-n-roll when the public suddenly showed interest to it. The brothers do not treat themselves as stars. ‘What else could do four young boys without an education, who spent their childhood in strict rules and restrictions?’ they say, believing sincerely that music is the only matter, which can combine a hobby and profession that brings a profit. Their exclusive “ancientry” makes fans in Europe as well as across the sea listen attentively to sounding and texts of their works and the audience at concerts – peer into faces of musicians, who perform devotedly before it on the stage.

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Kings Of Leon Video Pyro

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