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Game Feat. Lil' Wayne Videos download

Game Feat. Lil' Wayne
Lil Wayne

A popular rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr, is known by his stage name Lil Wayne (Little Wayne). He has a lot of music rewards and was nominated for several prestigious awards, including an award for the best video (a song “Lollipop”, 2008). His debut album Get It How U Live, which Lil Wayne released in1997, immediately won the hearts of rap music fans. Since then, Wayne popularity did not fade but grew and made the singer a prominent artist of the rap stage.

Soon after Wayne's first album release, it appeared in the list of Top Ten of Billboard 200. At that time, Lil Wayne had already been a member of the group Hot Boys created by the singer himself. Joint-recorded albums were released from 1997 till 2003.

In 2004, Wayne released an album titled Tha Carter, which was followed by the release of the second and third parts of it and, were not less popular than the first one. That was the high time for promoting the band. Lil Wayne used all the chances to earn a good reputation. He went on tours, performed and made videos together with popular rappers and pop-artists, attracting the attention of the music stars and public. Within 2004-2009, he was nominated and won many prestigious awards (became the best rapper 2008), appeared on the television, released a few new albums and singles, and even acted in films.

The year 2009 was marked for Little Wayne by working with Madonna and recording a joint single entitled “Revolver”. A year later, he captured the attention of Eminem and recorded a single “No Love” together with him. This song is about people, who “helped” both singers to face twists and turns of life. The world premiere of the videoclip to this song took place on the 30th of September 2010. Its plot is based on a story of a teenager, who was subjected to tortures at the hands of his classmates but one day he managed to fend off.

Along with this, Wayne's creative work and his commitment to achievements still inspire his fans. Lil Wayne proved himself as both a talented poet and a good singer and continues to present his music admirers with new singles and albums. In August 2011, he is going to release his ninth album entitled Tha Carter IV. The premiere of the videoclip to the first single of the album, titled “6 Foot 7 Foot”, was in March 2011 on MTV channel.

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Lil' Wayne Video Lollipop

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Hot Video Classics Best Of 2008 Vol.1

Destiny's Child Feat. T.I. And Lil' Wayne Video Soldier

Destiny's Child. Video Anthology
Game Feat. Lil' Wayne Videos download in VOB format

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