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Linkin Park
Linkin Park

Linkin Park is a band of alternative singers, who won the world recognition and became one of the most commercially successful alternative rock groups of the world stage in a few years of their active work. Their popularity can be explained not only by their unique style and recognizability among variety of similar bands but by the guys’ ability “to pick up the wave”. Owing to the growing interest of the public to the alternative rock, Linkin Park managed to promote the band effectively and recorded a list of popular singles. The group’s members released several albums, which sold millions of copies, and made rather presentable videoclips.

Let’s consider everything in stages.Linkin Park was formed a few years before the band received its present name. In 1996, Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson with the support of their friends-musicians created the group called Xero. Playing in an unstable lineup during a few years, the band, however, could not reach any peaks until 1999, which was marked by the guys’ triumph.

After signing a contract with Warner Bros. Records company, “Linkin Park” (by that time, they had already changed both a vocalist and name) released the debut album entitled Hybrid Theory. Musicians included into this album the most interesting and worthy of a wide audience works, which they collected during the past years. This project exceeded even the most audacious expectations of the group. The first album sold over 30 million copies. Linkin Park became known not only in America but in Europe and Russia and, in a short period of time, reached such a success that other bands could wait for all their life. The album’s most popular song “Crawling” earned a Grammy for The Best Hard Rock Performance. Later on, not less popular videoclip was made to this track and it often appeared on various music TV channels. The videoclip to the song “In the End” became The Best Video of the Year on MTV.

The group’s second album Meteora was released in 2003. By this time, the train of music admirers of Linking Park had already become a real army of fans. Thanks largely to them, videoclips to such known songs of the album as “Numb” and “Somewhere I Belong” topped hit parades of MTV and the last videoclip became The Best Video.

The release of the album Midnight in 2007 showed Linkin Park’s fans that their idols were changing the alternative classics for the hard rock. The reaction to this change was rather controversial but it did not influence the album’s sales and the band’s reputation – the musicians topped the charts and were nominated for the most prestigious awards again.

The fourth studio album of Linkin Park was released in autumn 2010. This album, titled Thousand Suns, touches upon a popular topic of apocalypse and nuclear fire, which strikes over the world like thousand bright suns.

Linkin Park Video What I've Done

MixMash Espanol May 2007

Linkin Park Video Points Of Authority

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2060 September 2002

Linkin Park Video Faint

Directors Label Vol.4. The Work Of Director Mark Romanek

Linkin Park Video In The End

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2050 November 2001

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore

MixMash Dance November - December 2004

Linkin Park Video Crawling

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2045 June 2001

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore

MixMash Urban November-December 2004

Linkin Park Video Shadow Of The Day

MixMash Italiano November 2007

Linkin Park Video One Step Closer

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2038 November 2000

Linkin Park Video Bleed It Out

MixMash Italiano September 2007

Linkin Park Video What I've Done

MixMash Italiano May 2007

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore

MixMash Francais January 2005

Linkin Park Video The Catalyst

MixMash Indie October 2010

Linkin Park Video Points Of Authority

Hot Video August 2002

Linkin Park Video What I've Done

MixMash Indie May 2007

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore

MixMash Urban September 2004

Linkin Park Video Bleed It Out

MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.1

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore

MixMash Espanol April 2005

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore (Live Version)

Modern Rock Video January 2005

Linkin Park And Jay-Z Video Numb - Encore (Clean Version)

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2005 Vol.2

Linkin Park Video Breaking The Habit

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2004 Vol.3

Linkin Park Video What I've Done

MixMash Pop May 2007

Linkin Park Video Faint

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2003 Vol.2

Linkin Park Video Numb

Hot Video November 2003

Linkin Park Video Bleed It Out

MixMash Indie September 2007
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