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  1. Rock America Dance May 1984

  2. Rock America Dance March 1984

  3. Rock America Dance January 1984

  4. Telegenics Number 100D. Dance Plus. July 1991

  5. Telegenics Number 100C. Top 40 Pop. July 1991

  6. Telegenics Number 100B. Urban. July 1991

  7. Telegenics Number 100A. Progressive. July 1991

  8. Telegenics Number 74D. Dance Plus. May 1989

  9. Telegenics Number 74C. Top 40 Pop. May 1989

  10. Telegenics Number 74B. Urban. May 1989

  11. Telegenics Number 74A. Progressive. May 1989

  12. The Video Pool UK September 1997

  13. The Video Pool UK July 1997

  14. The Video Pool UK June 1997

  15. The Video Pool UK August 1996

  16. The Video Pool UK July 1996

  17. Nos Plus Belles Annees 80 Vol.4

  18. Nos Plus Belles Annees 80 Vol.3

  19. Rock America Dance November 1987

  20. Rock America Dance October 1987

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Despite the fact that recently the press has been strongly exaggerating rumors about the career decline of the famous DJ and singer Moby, he however, continues to create new music and retains the status of world-renowned superstar. In the field of electronic music no musician can compare with him regarding the quality and quantity of works he had written and performed, and the warm acknowledgment of fans from all over the world.

Moby (born Richard Melville Hall) is not only famous for his active participation in the formation of the rave music movement, his original compositions and memorable video clips. There is much more to him. His philosophy of life is infinitely far from those secular ideas about the image of a talented and demanded musician. Himself being a convinced admirer of the world without technologies polluting the environment, a strict vegan, fine scholar and an ardent supporter of the Christian faith, Moby chose a life in isolation from society, with all its vices included. However, this did not prevent him from actively collaborating with famous performers, travelling around the world with tours and performing in the most prestigious clubs on different continents.

While still a teenager, Moby has participated in various musical groups, playing guitar and trying his hand at singing. However, he soon realized that the career a DJ attracted him the most. In the late 80s of last century he headed to New York in order to become a DJ. It was at time when the “house” movement had emerged, when it was still in its formation stage and confidently gaining momentum. It took Richard Melville Hall approximately 10 years for learning the majority of intricacies of the DJ “craft”. It resulted in release of his first studio singles for the general audience on the label Instinct in the early '90s.

Moby’s debut album of the same name was released in 1992. He did not top the leading world charts, however the musician didn’t went unnoticed by fans, although they didn’t number hundreds of thousands at that time. A year later Moby managed to surprise the audience by releasing the single «I Feel It / Thousand», which got into The "Guinness Book of Records" as the fastest track in the history of music. The rhythm of this incredibly vibrant and dynamic composition exceeded 1000 beats per minute.

In that same year, Moby signed with a major independent Mute label and released the album titled «Ambient», which included his early stuff, which was revised and adapted for commercial sounding. A year later came the first cautious success: the album «Everything Is Wrong» entered the charts in America and Britain and received silver status. According to the Spin magazine, this work deserved to be called "Album of the Year" as it combined various styles and genres skillfully woven together, together being something really unique, new and original.

Over the next several years Moby released a few more albums, but they were not as successful as his previous works. Artist who sincerely loved and took pride in his work, begun to sink into the abyss of depression. But things changed at the turn of the century - in the spring of 1999 the album «Play» got released. It was slow and melodic, original and experimental in its own way; over 10 million copies were sold, the album certified platinum in 26 countries around the world and received a number of prestigious awards. Among which was Grammy award nomination.

From that moment began Moby’s a rapid ascent as the world's superstar, and he retains this title to this day. The album “18” released in 2002, got in the first places of the UK, Australia, France, Belgium and other countries’ charts. He also got to the 4th position in the U.S. charts, received "gold" and "platinum" status as a result. Moby’s later work may have been slightly less successful, but the artist has made his way to stardom, and nothing could shake his authority now. To the present day, Moby remains a cult figure in the eyes of many (and not only as a electronic music artist). In 2011 he released his tenth studio album titled «Destroyed», which clearly indicates Moby’s intention to continue experimenting with music genres and giving birth to new creations.

Moby Video Spiders

MixMash Italiano June 2005

Moby Video Lift Me Up

MixMash Italiano March 2005

Moby Video Disco Lies

MixMash Italiano April 2008

Moby Feat. Alison Moyet Video Slipping Away

MixMash Espanol February 2006

Moby And Lucky Date Video Delay (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.108

Moby Video Move

Telegenics Number 127D. Dance Plus. October 1993

Moby Video Next Is The E (I Feel It)

Telegenics Number 124A. Progressive. July 1993

Moby Feat. Alison Moyet Video Slipping Away

MixMash Indie February 2006

Moby Video Lift Me Up

German Charts. Best Of 2005

Moby Video Body Rock

MTV20 Collection Beats

Moby Video Dream About Me

MixMash Francais September 2005

Moby Video In This World

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision May 2006

Moby Video In This World (T And F Moltosugo Edit)

Club Video March 2003

Moby Video We Are All Made Of Stars (Dj Tiesto Edit)

Club Video July 2002

Moby Video Spiders

MixMash Francais June 2005

Moby Video Raining Again

MixMash Francais May 2005

Moby Video In This World (Remix)

Rock America Videopool April 2003

Moby And Gwen Stefani Video Southside

ETV Network Vital Dance 9038 November 2000

Moby Video Lift Me Up

MixMash Francais March 2005

Moby And Mylene Farmer Video Slipping Away

MixMash Espanol November 2006

Thick D - Moby - Nu Circles Feat. Emma B. Video Insatiable - In This World (T And F Moltosugo Edit) - What You Need (Tonight)

Dance Mix Video April 2003

Moby - Underworld - Atomic Kitten Video In This World (T And F Moltosugo Edit) - Two Months Off (King Unique Sunspots Edit) - Be With You (Milky Edit)

Dance Mix Video May 2003

Moby And Mylene Farmer Video Slipping Away

MixMash Francais Classics Vol.1

Moby Video Raining Again

MixMash Pop May 2005

Moby Video Extreme Ways

Hot Video September 2002
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