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The star of the Canadian rock band «Nickelback» rose to the dome of the music in 1995 after the release of a record titled «Hesher». Later, the whole band would prefer to repudiate their authorship and hide this album deep in the annals of history. According to lead vocalist Chad Kruger, this album was something of an experiment: "We had no experience, no expectations, no ideas how such things are done." Despite the general negative attitude to the «Hesher», four songs from it were included in their next album titled «Curb» (1996), with a single «Fly» coming out a little later. The album was not much a success. The band was to get their first "gold" status only fourteen years later. «Nickelback» recorded their second album titled «The State», which concurrently was their first "platinum", in 1998; however, its official release took place only in 2000, when the lead single «Leader of Men» managed to catch the fancy of the audience so thoroughly that it even got into the Top Ten American rock charts. Despite the success of the singles and the US-Canadian platinum, the positions of the album turned out to be just slightly better than those of their debut - 130th place against the 182th in the U.S top.

The first true success fell on share of their third album called «Silver Side Up» (2001), which was not only certified platinum in the U.S., Canada and England for many times, but also raised the band to hitherto unseen tops the charts in five countries at once and got in the top ten. «Silver Side Up», though made in the traditional rock manner of Nickelback, yet differs from previous works by a more rigorous approach to the compositions. Three singles were released: «How You Remind Me», «Too Bad» and «Never Again», the first of which was the most successful and topped several charts, it also brought the «Nickelback» a music award from the Billboard Music Awards as well as a nomination for a Grammy.

The album «The Long Road» (2003) that came out later, alas, could not succeed its predecessor, although five new singles were released. After this release «Nickelback» were forced to change the drummer because of band’s internal disagreements. The new drummer Daniel Adair blended into the team so harmoniously, that the fifth album titled «All the Right Reasons» (2005) was the most successful in history of the band, surpassing «Silver Side Up» at the box office, but ending up with lower positions in the charts. As was the case with the previous album, five singles came out, each of which firmly established in the top twenty: «Photograph», «Savin 'Me», «Far Away», «If Everyone Cared» and «Rockstar».

The album «Dark Horse» which came out in 2008 also went multi-platinum, although critics received it with some skepticism, accusing «Nickelback» of certain amount of unoriginality, due to which all the new songs from the album “sound like Nickelback’s older hits, only worse” . Despite the mixed reviews, «Dark Horse» conquered the Canadian and U.S. charts instantly.

At the moment «Nickelback» is working on a new album, previously codenamed «Here and Now» (2011), which is due in late of 2011. From time to time the band gets involved in creation of musical accompaniment to the blockbusters.

Nickelback Video Rockstar

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Nickelback Video Too Bad

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2053 February 2002

Nickelback Video Far Away

MixMash Indie February 2006

Nickelback Video How You Remind Me

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2049 October 2001

Nickelback Video Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

Top Hits USA Video VH-21 August 2004

Nickelback Video How You Remind Me

Top Hits USA Video VH-17 April 2004

Nickelback Video Someday

Top Hits USA Video VH-15 February 2004

Nickelback Video If Everyone Cared

MixMash Italiano May 2007

Nickelback Video Someday

ETV Network Hot Hitz October 2003

Nickelback Video Never Again

Hot Video September 2002

Nickelback Video If Everyone Cared

MixMash Indie May 2007

Nickelback Video Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

Canada Hot Video May 2004

Nickelback Video Feelin' Way Too Damn Good

Modern Rock Video July 2004

Nickelback Video Someday

MixMash Party Classics Vol.33

Nickelback Video Rockstar

MixMash Party Classics Vol.31

Nickelback Video Rockstar

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2007 Vol.1

Nickelback Video Figured You Out

Canada Hot Video February 2004

Nickelback Video Trying Not To Love You

Hot Video October 2012

Nickelback Video Figured You Out

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2004 Vol.1

Nickelback Video If Everyone Cared

MixMash Pop May 2007

Nickelback Video Someday

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2003 Vol.2

Nickelback Video Someday

Hot Video October 2003

Nickelback Video How You Remind Me

Hot Video Classics Best Of 2001 Vol.3

Nickelback Video Photograph

MixMash Pop September 2005

Nickelback Video When We Stand Together

Vip-Express Videos November 2011 Vol.1
Nickelback Videos download in VOB format

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