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Robin Miriam Carlsson, a native of Stockholm, better known by her stage name Robyn is not a newcomer in the world of show business. She was interested in music since her childhood and became famous in the 90s of the last century due to a couple of her absolutely successful songs. Robyn released those tracks at the age of 16, and the fact that her song “Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)” peaked at number two on the Swedish chart predicted the great future to the singer.

Robyn released her debut album in 1996 and during next two years, it was certified as platinum. The song “Show Me Love” was popular not only in the home country of the singer but in USA that attracted the attention of the audience.

However, Robyn’s following records were not so successful across the sea. The second album, autobiography, titled My Truth was released in 1999 and was sold in Sweden, and spread in Europe but American listeners met it without admiration that, admittedly, was not an obstacle on the singer’s way to glory. Her next work, recorded three year later after the release of My Truth, became very popular with European music fans. A lot of the record’s songs, for example, popular “Don't Stop The Music” became hits at once and topped the popular charts. In 2005, the singer created her own music label and recorded her fourth album, which became platinum in a year.

During 2010, Robyn released the first part of planned music trilogy. At this time, she made experiments actively, discovering new soundings and sides of her talent. Critics noted some ideology of the album, entitled Body Talk Pt. 1, and commented all her experiments positively, pointing that this was precisely evident of her sense of perpose and ambitious plans for the future. The singer also considers her project as a priori successful, thanking her fans for their faith and loyalty.

In turn, Robyn’s fans are ready to love her in any shape and form as her songs always set an example of the qualitative popular music and talented vocal. Many people also like an impudent image of the singer, which is perfectly combined with sharp, rhythmic, and sometimes soft and so helpless sounding of her songs.

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