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Sandra, a German singer, is one of the most popular stars of the European pop stage, who launched her music career in the 70s. But she began to be interested in music earlier, learning to play the guitar, improving her vocal, and performing in various contests and at concerts.

At the age of 13, Sandra recorded her first song entitled “Andy Mein Freund”. This project was carried out featuring a producer George Romano, who predicted a big future to the little singer and was right. In 1976, when Sandra was 16, she signed a contract, according to which Sandra became a lead singer of the group Arabesque. The group performed, mainly, in Japan and in five years, it became very successful that can not be said about native Germany where Sandra’s music group, being known enough, did not make a sensation.

Later, Arabesque disbanded and Sandra tried to launch a solo career. After she failed, the singer referred to Bonney M’s ex-composer and arranger Michael Cretu for help. She was lucky to meet him in the period of her active music activity. In 1985, he lent her assistance and support in recording of a new single “Maria Magdalena”, which immediately topped all big charts of Europe, Asia, America, and even African continent. Being elated by success, Sandra and the gathered team of experts recorded her first album entitled The long play.

The album was rather good-selling that forced Sandra to work on. A year later, she released her second album Mirrors, which the public met with admiration. After recording several singles and releasing her first hit collection, Sandra and Michael, who was her husband already, created their own record studio. Here they recorded an album Paintings in yellow, which became, according to critics and music fans, the best album in the singer’s career. At the same time, she became a vocalist of a famous project ‘Enigma’, which had a world success.

In the late 90s, Sandra, whose popularity was supported by her participation in ‘Enigma’, returned to her previous creative direction and released her next album, which was met positively not only by fans of her songs but by fans of ‘Enigma’. It was followed by the release of her next compilation, a list of singles, and several albums.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Sandra, after a long break, tried to return to the stage but her attempt was not successful. The singer noted earlier that modern listeners did not meet her with such an admiration as it was before. And the young people seemed to be not interested in her songs. All her efforts, aimed at renewal of faded interest of the world public, did not avail her. Unfortunately, her last album, released in 2002, did not impressed listeners.

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Sandra. The Complete History

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Sandra. The Complete History
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