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In 2007, another young but rather promising girl group The Saturdays appeared on the pop-stage. It consisted of five young singers, who shortly after launching their work, released their debut album titled Chasing Lights in 2008. It followed after signing a contract with Fascination Records, owing to which the album was released so fast. It turned to be very successful and rose to the top in a short time, listing in Top 10 of the British chart of albums. Finally, it became platinum. The albums’ songs became hits not only in the home country of the group’s members but in other countries, making The Saturdays generally popular as one of the most striking new girl pop-groups.

The album’s release was followed by the series of concerts, mainly as a support group. At that time the popularity of The Saturdays began to grow fast as the public perfectly remembered stunning, artistic, and talented girls with good vocals. A year later after their first global success, the girls released the second album, entitled Wordshaker, which turned to be not less remarkable than the previous one. According to the singers, they took creation of this album more seriously than that of the debut one. The work at Wordshaker began in 2009 shortly after the first tour in the country, during which The Saturdays presented two new songs. Later on, they were included into the group’s second album. Also, the girls performed successfully in the public of Scotland and Wales. The song “Deeper” stands out from other tracks of the album. All the group’s members worked at this song, trying to demonstrate their creative potential with a maximal expressiveness.

Telling about The Saturdays, one must list all the singers of the group by name as Europe should know its heroines. The group consists of Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman (they were in the lineup of another pop-group and knew the stage rather closely) and Mollie King, Vanessa White, and Una Healy, whose participation in The Saturdays was their first step to conquering star tops.

Someone may say that this “girl group” will fall into oblivion sooner or later just as almost all its predecessors, from the famous group Spice Girls to Sugarbabes. Each of them existed long enough to present the world with variety of hits but not enough to go down in history of the world pop-stage. However, one cannot deny that the girls from The Saturdays have already achieved the most important goal – people remember, know, and look forward to seeing them. They appeared on the television and work for charitable causes, they are attractive and can sing. They released two albums that are met enthusiastically and listed in Top 10 of the British chart as well as in international hit parades. All that can be called a sound foundation on the way to the world recognition. That’s why we can only wish success in carrying out the audacious and ambitious plans of the young and talented group.

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