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Taio Cruz
Taio Cruz

Those who asserts that it is difficult today to make young talents way may be convinced of the contrary by an example of the performer Taio Cruz who are known in Britain, the USA and beyond its borders. He is a little more than 20 years old but he has already managed to leave mark in history of music industry and critics and producers predict promising future for a rising R&B star.

An interesting fact – an idea to start a career of a musician was suggested in his childhood by records of Madonna and Michael Jackson that a little native of Britain Taio Cruz not only listened to all days long but also tried to pick out separate tunes on the piano. Unlike many his peers, he practised music on his own accord and with great pleasure, realising that, most likely, his life would be closely related to it.

Dreaming to become a star at least on the scale of America, Taio Cruz, being at juvenile age, began to record demos and play them to his friends, fans and... idolatresses. It is just due to not indifferent attitude of females to talent of the young musician that he managed firstly to make friends with Def Jam and then gain access to Timbaland.

Close collaboration with American professional musicians, market research and perfection of own skills resulted in the fact that a debut album of Taio Cruz - «Departure», released under label Island - turned out unusually important event for the world of Britain R&B music. Original combination of musical trends, traditions with peculiarity of sounding of different musical epochs harmonically blending with each other, allowed his author to score the first real success on the musical arena. The lead single of the album – the song under title «I Just Wanna Know» - appeared in the Britain Top 30 and during several months was rotated on popular music radio stations. «Departure» received the gold of Britain rather quickly.

Many experts acknowledged that Taio Cruz had a very successful beginning of his music career. And though he hasn't become a Grammy award winner yet and his albums haven't sold millions of copies, nevertheless, the young talented musician and composer has a good chance to realize his child dream and become a bright star on the horizon of the modern pop music.

In 2009 Taio Cruz under the same label released his second album entitled «Rokstarr». On the whole, the work was received by critics rather favourable and European audience liked it even more. This work was marked by the album charts of such counties as Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece and Ireland. The listeners of North America didn't remain indifferent as well, «Rokstarr» managed to reach a number-eight at the American Billboard 200 chart and, as well as its predecessor, was certified gold.

Taio Cruz doesn’t conceal that he has a lot of original ideas capable to change in many aspects the views of the most music lovers on R&B style. However, implementation of serious plans demands serious investments so, at present, both the musician and his numerous fans are looking forward to the opportunity to make the most outstanding and bold wishes come true.

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Taio Cruz Video Come On Girl

MixMash Pop March 2008

Taio Cruz Video Troublemaker (R3hab Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.59

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MixMash Party Classics Vol.29

Flo Rida - Pitbull - Ne-Yo - Taio Cruz - Congorock And Stereo Massive Feat. Sean Paul Video Let It Roll - Don't Stop The Party - Forever Now - Fast Car - Bless Di Nation

Urban Video February 2013

Taio Cruz Video Troublemaker (Vato Gonzalez Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.51

Taio Cruz Feat. Flo Rida Video Hangover (Hardwell Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.48

Taio Cruz Feat. Flo Rida Video Hangover (Jumpsmokers Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.48

Taio Cruz Feat. Flo Rida Video Hangover (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.43

Nightcrawlers Feat. Taio Cruz Video Cryin' Over You (LMC Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.42

David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz And Ludacris Video Little Bad Girl

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.16

Taio Cruz Video Come On Girl

MixMash Urban March 2008

Taio Cruz Video Telling The World

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.08

David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz And Ludacris Video Little Bad Girl (Fedde Le Grand Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.40

Nightcrawlers Feat. Taio Cruz Video Cryin' Over You (Kenny Hayes Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.40

Taio Cruz Video There She Goes

Hot Video July 2012

David Guetta Feat. Taio Cruz And Ludacris Video Little Bad Girl (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.38

Nightcrawlers Feat. Taio Cruz Video Cryin' Over You (Cahill Remix)

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Taio Cruz Video There She Goes

Vip-Express Videos May 2012 Vol.1

Taio Cruz Feat. Kylie Minogue Video Higher

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.01
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