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Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

At present Taylor Swift is one of the most outstanding, popular and young performers of pop country music that is so beloved by the Americans of all ages. When a child, adoring country music, Taylor Swift already at the age of ten became a local karaoke star, having won the hearts of dwellers of her native Wyomissing, and, being a teenager, she recorded and released her first real studio album.

For the first time Taylor Swift took a guitar in hand when she was 12 years old. Having mastered the skills of playing, she began to write and perform her own songs, and she did so well that the most people around her were sure that the promising future was awaiting for the girl. It were her relatives who assisted her greatly in this. They discovered her obvious talent and began to search for opportunities for career growth and development of Taylor's abilities.

Several demos, recorded in a studio, were given to representatives of record companies in the hope that at least one of them would be interested in a talented child. And while it hadn't happened, Taylor Swift continued to perform in clubs as well as at open air venues, establishing new relations and useful acquaintances. Due to them in many respects, Taylor's family decided to move to Nashville as there were more opportunities for creative development of the future star.

And they didn't regret it - as in Nashvill Taylor Swift was noticed by a representative of an independent label «Big Machine Records» that signed a contract with the young performer. Soon she released her first studio single entitled «Tim McGraw», and a little bit later, when Taylor Swift was 16 years old, she recorded and released her debut album consisting of five singles that was self-titled. Unbelievable, but all compositions from the album entered the Hot 100 of Billboard chart, and, as a result, the album «Taylor Swift» itself became multi-platinum.

However, the following album of Taylor Swift, released in 2007 and timed to Christmas holidays, turned out less successful. Perhaps, it was because author's songs of the young performer were substantially diluted with cover versions of well-known and rather threadbare Christmas carols. However, on the whole, it was sold quite well that allowed the girl not to give up and continue working in the chosen direction.

Persistence and talent yielded – in 2008 Taylor Swift received her first Grammy Award as the best performer. Her third full-format album «Fearless» she released in autumn of the same year and at once it became the top-selling album reached the number-one on the Billboard 200 chart and became the bestseller in a week leaving behind all albums of other artists released in 2008. Such an unbelievable success surprised everyone - Taylor Swift herself as well as her closest companions-in-arms. And in 2010 she achieved the same triumph with the album «Speak Now» that also peaked at number-one on the Billboard 200 and was marked by many experts as a mature, high-quality and, of course, very talented work.

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