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Irish band U2 may well be regarded as a modern rock legend. Yes, modern, because even now, after 35 years from the moment of its formation, the band is still in demand worldwide. Their songs raised generations of music lovers and rock musicians consider this band a perfect example of success and creative realization.

Long ago, in 1977 four talented young men, ordinary students from Dublin, decided to play good music. They got together and called themselves «Feedback». The band started from covering songs of «Beach Boys» and «Rolling Stones». A year later, after another change of name the boys decided to go with «U2» and signed a contract with CBS Records label. That was the beginning of their road to success. In 1979 song «Out of Control» stormed into the Irish charts steadily going up to #1. After that the band releases debut album «Boy» which wasn’t a music revelation, but still got favourable reviews.

The debut of U2 in Great Britain appeared not so successful but their second single, a song called «Fire» which was the second one presented in this country, entered the British Top 30. In 1981 the musicians consolidated their achievements in Great Britain with their album «October» that didn’t get into the top ten, but confidently took 11th place.

U2 continued touring actively, recorded singles and albums. Early 80-ies showed how confidently and steadily the band members were making their way to success. The album called «Under A Blood Red Sky» took second line in the British chart and even made it into the Top 30 of the best albums in the American chart. U2 members put their efforts in conquering the US market and soon achieved their goal – Rolling Stone Magazine mentioned U2 among the best groups of the time (the 80-ies), music lovers were eagerly buying their albums, many famous singers and musicians were proud to perform with U2.

After a world tour in the second half of the 80-ies the band recorded their next album – «The Fly». Many of its singles are popular to this day, including «I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For» and famous lyrical track «With Or Without You». These and other songs from the album were on top of the charts in many European countries, showed good results in the USA and Canada, and the album itself brought U2 two impressive awards – Grammy for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year.

At the beginning of the 90-ies U2 realized that they already had success and world fame. They kept playing excellent music and selling new singles and albums internationally despite the fact not all of them were praised by critics. Many reliable sources, mass media and other performers called U2 the most popular band of the 90-ies. Their songs were not only played on TV or radio, but also used as soundtracks for movies. Band members showed their interest for social and political sphere, continued receiving awards, experimented with current trends adding new sound to their tracks.

And here comes the 21st century. It would seem that many music leaders from past years were to stay in the past, but that’s not the case of U2. In 2001 they received three Grammy awards for their track «Beautiful Day» and a world tour brought them record one hundred million pounds. Year 2002 – and another Grammy yield: four awards including Record of the Year and The Best Rock Album (for «All That You Can’t Leave Behind»).

Currently U2 are still considered one of the world leaders of music industry. There is hardly a year without awarding of the band members and not only for music achievements. Lead singer Bono, for example, received the Nobel Prize for creating The Fund To Fight AIDS and Malaria, that confirmed the value of contribution of the band members to world processes. And one can definitely assert that legendary band U2 will stay in the memory of many generations of music lovers and everyone who Bono and his bandmates helped in their fight for life.

U2 Video The Fly

Telegenics Number 104C. Top 40 Pop. November 1991

U2 Video Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

The Video Pool UK July 1995

U2 Video Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

ETV ET-VideoLink Modern Progressive 3001. November 1992

U2 Video Where The Streets Have No Name

The Video Pool UK September 1987

U2 And B.B. King Video When Love Comes To Town

Telegenics Number 73C. Top 40 Pop. April 1989

U2 Video Angel Of Harlem

Telegenics Number 70A. Progressive. January 1989

U2 Video I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

The Video Pool UK July 1987

U2 Video Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

Wolfram Video 1052 Hot Video A. December 1992

U2 Video Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

MixMash Italiano March 2005

U2 Video Desire (12 Inch Mix)

Telegenics Number 67A. Progressive. October 1988

U2 Video Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 618 July 1995

U2 Video One

Wolfram Video 0963 Hot Video A. April 1992

U2 Video Mysterious Ways

Wolfram Video 0933 Hot Video A. January 1992

Mary J. Blige Feat. U2 Video One

MixMash Espanol May 2006

U2 Video Original Of The Species

MixMash Espanol March 2006

U2 Video I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Videopool Modern Dance June 1987 Vol.2

U2 Video Baby Please Come Home

Rock America Christmas. For The Holidays Videopool

U2 Video With Or Without You

Rock America AOR April 1987

U2 Video Discotheque (Dm Deep Club Edit)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision July 2006

Musique Vs. U2 - Soulstice - Blank And Jones Video New Year's Dub - Fall Into You (Soulstice Remix) - Flying To The Moon

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision January 2006

U2 Video Electrical Storm

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2061 October 2002

U2 Video One (Version 2)

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 194. May 1992

U2 Video Mysterious Ways

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 190. January 1992

U2 Video Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Slane Castle Version)

Rock America October 1984

U2 Video Where The Streets Have No Name

Telegenics Number 55A. Progressive. October 1987
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