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September - Robyn - Ultra Nate Videos download

September - Robyn - Ultra Nate
Ultra Nate

Ultra Nate became popular long ago – in the late 80-ies when her hits rocked the parties at the best dance floors of the world. She has achieved fame and recognition by 25 years old and became a real queen of original club music style (garage) that was as popular as high-demand house.

In the 80-ies, during the period of formation and development of electronic music and against the background of its general popularization, experiments in garage style made many musicians famous, but it was Ultra Nate who stood out, attracted attention and became a symbol of this music genre.

In 1989 her song «It’s Over Now» rocked the dance floors of the USA and Europe. Her following album «Blue Notes In The Basement» was released on Warner Bros.Records. Singles from this album became hits. The most popular tracks were «Is It Love?», «Rejoicing» and «Scandal». The singer herself says that this album is her best work and she is proud of it with good reason.

After another success Ultra Nate set off to the world tour at the end of which she left Warner Bros. label, refused from cooperation with Basement Boys producers and dived into creative experiments and search of new sound. At Wigstock festival she showed the results of her searches and the audience liked them. «Renewed» Ultra Nate proceeded with writing music, performing and releasing new hits to the joy of her fans and clubbers.

In addition to this, the singer got into her education. As she explained, she missed a lot as a kid and was going to make up for it. Ultra Nate’s enthusiasm for general knowledge and self-improvement hasn’t affected her creative potential. She was and still is a music diva – outstanding, extraordinary, interesting and popular.

Ultra Nate Video Free

The Video Pool UK July 1997

Ultra Nate Video How Long (12 Inch Mix)

Telegenics Number 135D. Dance Plus. June 1994

Ultra Nate Video How Long

Telegenics Number 134D. Dance Plus. May 1994

Ultra Nate Video Free

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 238 March 1997

Stonebridge Vs. Ultra Nate Video Freak On

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision January 2006

Ultra Nate Video Show Me

Telegenics Number 132D. Dance Plus. March 1994

Ultra Nate Video Free

MixMash Dance November - December 2004

Ultra Nate Video It's Over Now

Telegenics Number 85B. Urban. April 1990

Ultra Nate Video Desire

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision June 2006

Ultra Nate Video Get It Up (The Feeling)

ETV Network Vital Dance 9045 June 2001

Ultra Nate Video Free (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.78

Ultra Nate Video Free

Screenplay VJ-Pro Classic Vision 90s Dance Essentials Vol.4 March 2007

Shakira - Ultra Nate - Christina Aguilera Video Objection (Tango) (Eric Kupper 12 Inch Club Edit) - Desire (Thunderpuss Club Anthem Edit) - Beautiful (Peter Rauhofer Edit)

Dance Mix Video June 2003

Ultra Nate Video How Long (Club Mix)

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life 206 July 1994

Ultra Nate Video Desire

ETV Network Vital Dance 9035 August 2000

Ultra Nate And Michelle Williams Video Waiting On You (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.57

Ultra Nate Video Free 2005 (Toolhouse Mix)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision September 2005

Beginnerz - Ultra Nate - Cassius Feat. Jocelyn Brown Video Reckless Girl - Desire (Thunderpuss Club Anthem Edit) - I'm A Woman

Dance Mix Video September 2002

Ultra Nate Video Turn It Up (Wawa Electro Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.34

Ultra Nate And Michelle Williams Video Waiting On You

Club Video June 2012

Ultra Nate Video Turn It Up (Paul Oakenfold Club Mix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.30

Ultra Nate Video Free

Club Video April 2005

Stonebridge Vs. Ultra Nate Video Freak On

Hot Video February 2006

Ultra Nate Video Turn It Up (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision May 2011

Stonebridge Vs. Ultra Nate - Adele - Boris Dlugosch Presents Boom! Video Freak On - Rolling In The Deep (PO Downtown London Intro Edit) - Keep Pushin'

Dance Mix Video July 2011
September - Robyn - Ultra Nate Videos download in VOB format

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