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  11. Telegenics Number 141D. Dance Plus. December 1994

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  13. Telegenics Number 141A. Progressive. December 1994

  14. Telegenics Number 140D. Dance Plus. November 1994

  15. Telegenics Number 140C. Top 40. November 1994

  16. Telegenics Number 140A. Progressive. November 1994

  17. Wolfram Video 1013 Hot Video B. August 1992

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  19. Wolfram Video 0993 Hot Video B. June 1992

  20. Wolfram Video 0992 Hot Video A. June 1992

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Chris Slade über seine Rolle bei AC/DC: “Ich muss das Timing halten”
... in einem offiziellen Youtube-Video über seine Rolle bei AC/DC geäußert. “Meine Rolle bei AC/DC ist, das Timing zu halten und die Band anzutreiben so gut ich kann”, so der Schlagzeuger bodenständig. “Das ist aber ohnehin die Rolle eines Drummers.”.


Video: AXL ROSE-Fronted AC/DC Performs At Madison Square Garden In New ...
The rescheduled dates of AC/DC's North American tour - which are the band's first concerts here with GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose on lead vocals - kicked off on August 27 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina.


AC/DC (with Axl Rose) played MSG (pics, videos, setlist)
A new two-minute video clip in which AC/DC drummer Chris Slade talks about playing with the band can be seen below. Says Slade: "AC/DC is like a… It's an institution, for a start. The fans feel a part of the family, and that's a good feeling. It's a ...


Review: AC/DC, With Axl Rose, Shakes the Garden All Night Long
If you're a fan of AC/DC, you'll want to take note of this Rig Rundown video. Premier Guitars' Chris Kies has been hanging out with AC/DC guitar techs Trace Foster and Greg Howard, with unprecedented access to the live gear of the band's axe-men: Angus ...



Ac-Dc Video That's The Way I Wanna Rock And Roll

Telegenics Number 63D. Rock Tracks. June 1988

Ac-Dc Video Who Made Who

Rock America AOR June 1986

Ac-Dc Video Moneytalks

Telegenics Number 94C. Top 40. January 1991

Ac-Dc Video Cover You In Oil

Magical Flight Vol.9

Ac-Dc Video Safe In New York City

Magical Flight Vol.9

Ac-Dc Video Jailbreak

Telegenics December 1984. Pop Rock 15

Ac-Dc Video Satellite Blues

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2034 July 2000

Ac-Dc Video Stiff Upper Lip

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2033 June 2000

Ac-Dc Video Sin City (From The Midnight Special)

Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special. Live On Stage In 1978

Ac-Dc Video You Shook Me All Night Long

Rock America AOR August 1986

Ac-Dc Video Touch Too Much

Magical Flight Vol.5

Ac-Dc Video Let There Be Rock

Magical Flight Vol.5

Ac-Dc Video You Shook Me All Night Long

MixMash Party Classics Vol.29

Ac-Dc Video Whole Lotta Rosie

MixMash Rock Classics Vol.5

Ac-Dc Video Shoot To Thrill

MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.2

Ac-Dc Video Rock 'N' Roll Train

MixMash Rock Classics Hard And Heavy Vol.1

Ac-Dc Video Back In Black

MixMash Rock Classics Vol.3

Ac-Dc Video You Shook Me All Night Long

ETV Network Vital Classics 13. Party Rock

Ac-Dc Video You Shook Me All Night Long

Screenplay VJ-Pro Classic Vision 80s Rock Vol.1 December 2004

Ac-Dc Video Highway To Hell

Best Of Hair Bands Vol.3

Ac-Dc Video Rock N Roll Train (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.13

Ac-Dc Video Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

Best Of Hair Bands Vol.2

Ac-Dc Video Shoot To Thrill (Live Iron Man 2 Version)

Hot Video July 2010

Ac-Dc Video Shoot To Thrill (Live Iron Man 2 Version)

Modern Rock Video June 2010

Ac-Dc Video You Shook Me

Hound Dog Issue 1
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