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  1. Telegenics Number 71D. Dance Plus. February 1989

  2. Telegenics Number 71C. Top 40 Pop. February 1989

  3. Telegenics Number 71B. Urban. February 1989

  4. Telegenics Number 71A. Progressive. February 1989

  5. Telegenics Number 70D. Dance Plus. January 1989

  6. Telegenics Number 70C. Top 40 Pop. January 1989

  7. Telegenics Number 70B. Urban. January 1989

  8. Telegenics Number 70A. Progressive. January 1989

  9. The Video Pool UK July 1987

  10. The Video Pool UK June 1987

  11. The Video Pool UK May 1987

  12. The Video Pool UK February 1987

  13. Wolfram Video 1123 Hot Video B. June 1993

  14. Wolfram Video 1113 Hot Video B. May 1993

  15. Wolfram Video 1112 Hot Video A. May 1993

  16. Wolfram Video 1093 Hot Video B. April 1993

  17. Wolfram Video 1092 Hot Video A. April 1993

  18. Wolfram Video 1083 Hot Video B. March 1993

  19. DTVideos Extended Vol.118

  20. DTVideos Extended Vol.117

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Wyclef Jean Feat. Sharissa Videos download

Wyclef Jean Feat. Sharissa
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Happy Birthday: Johnny Cash wäre heute 80 Jahre alt geworden
Angefangen von Bob Dylan über Sheryl Crow bis hin zu HipHoppern wie Wyclef Jean und den Stadionrockern von U2 verneigen sich alle vor ihm: Dem großen Johnny Cash. Ähnlich wie bei Elvis brauchen auch die treuen Cash-Fans eine Pilgerstätte.


Cris Cab's 'Angels & Demons' video premiere -- EXCLUSIVE
by Kyle Anderson It's a little surreal when you've rubbed elbows with Pharrell Williams, Wyclef Jean, and Pitbull, but still can't legally toast your own success with some Cristal.


Kony 2012 Campaign: What Bandwagon Are You Really Jumping On?
Wanting to help others in need is what connects our human heartstrings, but I've been more astute about my time, effort, and money since funneling the aforementioned into Yele Haiti, Wyclef Jean's Haiti earthquake relief charity.


Wyclef Jean on Death of Whitney Houston
By Jeff Schwachter, David Spatz Wyclef Jean (right) with DJ David Christian on Saturday night, Feb. 11, at The Pool at Harrah's in Atlantic City.



Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Hips Don't Lie

Top Hits USA Video VH-42 May 2006

Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Hips Don't Lie

MixMash Espanol May 2006

Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Hips Don't Lie

Screenplay VJ-Pro Dance Vision July 2006

Wyclef Jean Feat. Claudette Oritz Of City High Video Two Wrongs

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2060 September 2002

Queen With Wyclef Jean Feat. Pras (Pras Michel) And Free Video Another One Bites The Dust

Directors Label. Michel Gondry 2. More Videos (Before And After DVD 1)

Wyclef Jean Video Perfect Gentleman

Best Of The Dome Vol.1

Wyclef Jean Video Little Drummer Boy

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2051 December 2001

Fuse ODG Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Antenna (Extended Version)

DTVideos Extended Vol.87

Angie Martinez Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Coast 2 Coast

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2044 May 2001

Product G And B Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Cluck Cluck

ETV Network Vital Dance 9045 June 2001

Wyclef Jean Video Perfect Gentleman

ETV Network Vital Dance 9044 May 2001

Wyclef Jean Feat. Missy Elliott Video Party To Damascus

Top Hits USA Video VH-14 January 2004

Wyclef Jean Feat. Mary J. Blige Video 911

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2038 November 2000

Wyclef Jean Feat. Akon And Lil' Wayne Video Sweetest Girl

MixMash Francais Classics Vol.2

Wyclef Jean Video Thug Angel (Float Version)

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2033 June 2000

Wyclef Jean Feat. Claudette Oritz Of City High Video Two Wrongs (Don't Make A Right)

UK Chart Video August 2002

Beenie Man Feat. Wyclef Jean Video Love Me Now

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2031 April 2000

Santana Feat. Wyclef Jean And The Product G And B Video Maria, Maria

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2029 February 2000

Wyclef Jean Feat. Sharissa Video Take Me As I Am

Canada Hot Video May 2004

Wyclef Jean Feat. The Rock Video It Doesn't Matter

ETV Network Vital Dance 9035 August 2000

Wyclef Jean Video Industry

Urban Video October 2003

Destiny's Child Feat. Wyclef Jean Video No, No, No

MixMash Urban Classics Vol.11

Destiny's Child Feat. Wyclef Jean Video No, No, No (Part 2)

Destiny's Child. Video Anthology

Wyclef Jean Feat. Sharissa Video Take Me As I Am

Urban Video May 2004

Wyclef Jean Video Gone Till November

Hot Video Classics Best Of 1998 Vol.2
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