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  1. Rock America Dance July 1987

  2. Rock America Dance June 1987

  3. Rock America Dance April 1987

  4. Rock America Dance February 1987

  5. Telegenics Number 73D. Dance Plus. April 1989

  6. Telegenics Number 73C. Top 40 Pop. April 1989

  7. Telegenics Number 73B. Urban. April 1989

  8. Telegenics Number 73A. Progressive. April 1989

  9. Telegenics Number 72D. Dance Plus. March 1989

  10. Telegenics Number 72C. Top 40 Pop. March 1989

  11. Telegenics Number 72B. Urban. March 1989

  12. Telegenics Number 72A. Progressive. March 1989

  13. Wolfram Video 1153 Hot Video B. September 1993

  14. Wolfram Video 1152 Hot Video A. September 1993

  15. Wolfram Video 1143 Hot Video B. August 1993

  16. Wolfram Video 1142 Hot Video A. August 1993

  17. Wolfram Video 1133 Hot Video B. July 1993

  18. Wolfram Video 1132 Hot Video A. July 1993

  19. The Video Pool UK June 1996

  20. The Video Pool UK May 1996

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 R.E.M.  Video Can't Get There From Here

Rock America August 1985

 R.E.M.  Video Stand

Telegenics Number 70A. Progressive. January 1989

 R.E.M.  Video Orange Crush

Telegenics Number 68A. Progressive. November 1988

 R.E.M.  Video Electron Blue

MixMash Italiano April 2005

 R.E.M.  Video Aftermath

MixMash Italiano January 2005

 R.E.M.  Video Drive

Wolfram Video 1043 Hot Video B. November 1992

 R.E.M.  Video What's The Frequency, Kenneth?

Telegenics Number 140C. Top 40. November 1994

 R.E.M.  Video Tongue

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 620 September 1995

 R.E.M.  Video Crush With Eyeliner

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 618 July 1995

 R.E.M.  Video Supernatural Superserious

MixMash Italiano April 2008

 R.E.M.  Video Star 69

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 614 March 1995

 R.E.M.  Video Bang And Blame

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 612 January 1995

 R.E.M.  Video It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Telegenics Number 58A. Progressive. January 1988

 R.E.M.  Video Shiny Happy People

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 186. September 1991

 R.E.M.  Video Driver 8

Rock America October 1985

Kristin Hersh Feat. Michael Stipe ( R.E.M. ) Video Your Ghost

Telegenics Number 131A. Progressive. February 1994

 R.E.M.  Video Lotus

Directors Label Vol.7. The Work Of Director Stephane Sednaoui

 R.E.M.  Video Imitation Of Life

Directors Label. The Hammer And Tongs Collection

 R.E.M.  Video Strange Currencies

Directors Label Vol.4. The Work Of Director Mark Romanek

 R.E.M.  Video Losing My Religion

Telegenics Number 97A. Progressive. April 1991

 R.E.M.  Video Everybody Hurts

Telegenics Number 128C. Top 40. November 1993

 R.E.M.  Video Radio Free Europe

Telegenics September 1983. Volume One. Number 6B

 R.E.M.  Video Man On The Moon

Telegenics Number 119A. Progressive. February 1993

 R.E.M.  Video All The Way To Reno (Your'e Gonna Be A Star)

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2048 September 2001

 R.E.M.  Video The One I Love

Telegenics Number 54A. Volume Five. Septemeber 1987
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