Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama

HQ Music Video from VOB Collection - «Club Video August 2004»

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Scissor Sisters Music Video Take Your Mama

Club Video August 2004
From Album: Club Video August 2004
Artist/Group: Scissor Sisters
Music Video: Take Your Mama
Release: 2004
Style: Rock
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Scissor Sisters

During last ten years, many new and experienced pop-bands tried to “clean out” the reputation of the popular music that suffered from appearance of not very interesting and qualitative commercial projects on the stage. To improve the situation enthusiasts applied to the past years’ experience, trying to renew that prominent, original, and known pop-music, which won the hearts of millions of fans and boomed on all the continents in distant 70s, 80s, and 90s.

A young American band Scissor Sisters, formed in 2001, also tried to show the popular music to the world in a new light. According to its members, after the infamous tragedy on the 11th of September, American public went the vole to recover from the shock. Surprisingly or not, namely this period was the most favored for the club promotion of young promising bands.

Scissor Sisters is a quintet consisting of inimitable Ana Matronic and four handsome men. Namely Ana created the band’s unique image and style that made it recognizable among hundreds of young pop-groups. The undeniable talent of all the members of the band made their songs sound in such a way that even famous Elton John calls this group one of his first favorite pop-groups.
But Scissor Sisters’ fame and popularity were not flash-like. Since its foundation, the band spent several years trying to form the lineup and to record test tracks, which were to be sent to record companies. Finally, the group signed a contract with the label A Touch of Class and recorded several singles. The most successful song was “Comfortably Numb”, which was one of the most famous hits of Pink Floyd earlier. In spite of the fact that members of Scissor Sisters expected devastating comments of Pink Floyd’s representatives, testimonials were only positive that agreeably surprised the young band. Moreover, it was one of the most popular songs on local radiostations, became ingrained in the club DJs’ stock of plays, and listed in the British chart that had not happened to Pink Floyd for a long time.

The first success was a good motivation to record the first full-featured self-titled album of Scissor Sisters, which was presented to a wide audience in 2004. The CD was released under the label Polydor and won the hearts of both British and European listeners. In several, it got the success in Great Britain where the band went on a short tour soon. After this tour the group Scissor Sisters was proposed to perform with reunited Duran Duran. Thanks to their joint performance during the tour in the US, “sisters” presented their new single Take Your Mama Out. This song tells in a comic way how to explain to mother that her son is a gay and is devoted to the mother of the band’s vocalist Jake Shears who, according to Jake, fits well into the atmosphere of any modern club.
Elton John, who has been mentioned before, influenced the band’s work greatly. In 2006, Scissor Sisters released the second album titled Ta-Dah. The song “I Don't Feel Like Dancin’” was recorded featuring the legendary British musician and topped the British chart immediately. In 2010, Scissor Sisters, being already one of the most original and famous bands of the pop-stage, released the third album entitled Night Work. Numerous fans met this studio work enthusiastically and Scissor Sisters’ members promise to continue their work, presenting their fans with new songs and striking and luscious images.

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