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  20. The Video Pool UK June 1989

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Like many popular American hard-rock bands, Aerosmith launched its career in the distant 70s when a future vocalist of the group Steve Tyler arranged the joint playing with a guitarist Joe Perry. Perry, who represented Jam Band at that moment, made Tyler an offer, which he could not refuse from – to play in a pilot project that was later called ‘Aerosmith’.

At first, the guys were popular in Boston only where musicians performed in clubs and open air, but they signed the deal with Columbia Records Company afterwards. Soon after, in 1973, the band released a debut album Aerosmith and was in American hit parades. However, at first, musicians took the bottom of them, and the real popularity and public recognition were waiting for the band later.

After releasing the first album, Aerosmith’s members began to work at the second album, and then – at the third one. Ambitions of the American quintet were not satisfied with the success of separate songs. Aerosmith achieved the target only after releasing the fourth album titled Rock. It was certified platinum in several months and in spite of critics’ claims of the similarity Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin, the album was sold out very well.

Later, the band changed some members. The old member Joe Perry left it, and soon afte, the band lost another guitarist – Brad Whitford. Unfortunately, they search for new members long while, and an album, recorded by a new lineup, was considered to be blank and plain.

Fortunately, Perry and Whitford came back to the band in 1985, not returning to the past disputes with its members anymore. Working in the previous lineup, the band started recovering. They recorded two new albums, and the second one, titled Permanent vacation, turned to be rather successful. Two other albums, released soon after, placed Aerosmith in one line with the best selling hard-rock groups.

Aerosmith and its members are still idols of millions of people. They perform on the stage to the present time and their shows are popular with a wide audience. In spite of appearance of many other bands on the world rock-stage which are not worse than Aerosmith, people still like the group worldwide. The music quality of the band is an example for many new groups, their performing style is recognized classical, and their image – striking and extraordinary. The band has its own traditions, which it sticks to, and which are not over the hill. However, it seems that musicians themselves did not become old since those time when they just started their way to the top, and every their appearance in public was greeted with fans’ screaming and applauses.

Aerosmith Video Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

The Video Pool UK November 1987

Aerosmith Video Cryin'

Wolfram Video 1152 Hot Video A. September 1993

Aerosmith Video Livin' On The Edge

Wolfram Video 1112 Hot Video A. May 1993

Aerosmith Video Rag Doll

Telegenics Number 65C. Top 40 Pop. August 1988

Aerosmith Video Sweet Emotion

Wolfram Video 0943 Hot Video A. February 1992

Aerosmith Video Walk On Water

ETV ET-VideoLink Nite Life. Alternative And Rock 613 February 1995

Aerosmith Video Lightning Strikes

Rock America Mainstream December 1982

Aerosmith Video Crazy

Telegenics Number 135C. Top 40. June 1994

Aerosmith Video The Other Side

Wolfram Video 0719 Hot Video B. July 1990

Aerosmith Video What It Takes (The Recording Of)

Wolfram Video 0699 Hot Video B. May 1990

Aerosmith Video Angel

Telegenics Number 61C. Top 40. April 1988

Aerosmith Video Just Push Play

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2059 August 2002

Aerosmith Video Sweet Emotion

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 190. January 1992

Aerosmith Video Love In An Elevator

ETV ET-VideoLink Reel 163. October 1989

Aerosmith Video Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Telegenics Number 56C. Top 40. November 1987

Aerosmith Video Sunshine

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2050 November 2001

Aerosmith Video Cryin'

Telegenics Number 126C. Top 40. September 1993

Aerosmith Video Livin' On The Edge

Telegenics Number 122C. Top 40. May 1993

Aerosmith Video Fly Away From Here

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2047 August 2001

Aerosmith Video The Other Side

Telegenics Number 89C. Top 40. August 1990

Aerosmith Video Jaded

ETV Network Vital Hitz 2043 April 2001

Aerosmith Video Livin' On The Edge

MTV20 Collection Rock

Run DMC Feat. Aerosmith Video Walk This Way

MTV20 Collection Jams

Aerosmith Video What It Takes

Telegenics Number 85C. Top 40. April 1990

Aerosmith Video Janie's Got A Gun

Telegenics Number 82C. Top 40. January 1990
Aerosmith Videos download in VOB format

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