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  1. Rock America Dance October 1990

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  17. The Story Of Beat-Club 1970-1972 Vol.3

  18. The Story Of Beat-Club 1970-1972 Vol.2

  19. The Story Of Beat-Club 1970-1972 Vol.1

  20. Rock America AOR November 1990

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In 1998 three young Britons happened to meet at a party and that was the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration and successful conquest of pop scene by the group named «Sugababes». Two of them had already dealt with producers and record companies so, recording of a debut album was a matter of time. In 2000 it, at last, was released and the whole world got to know about a new female pop group who paved the way for their first album with the single under title «Overload». This song appeared in many charts of European countries, having won also the audience of native Britain, so, there is no wonder that the debut album of «Sugababes» entitled «One Touch» turned out very popular.

Having built up very quickly, «Sugababes» set immediately to work on their second album «Angels With Dirty Faces» that, in spite of changes in the lineup of the group (one of the members started her solo career), surpassed the success of the previous one and was three times certified platinum in homeland of the performers. In 2002 girls managed to become Brit Award winners as «Best Dance Group» that was their first real success. The third album that was released in 2003 and got a very simple and unpretentious title «Three» the girls decided to experiment with and each of singers recorded her own solo song for this album. One of the achievements of the third album was its reaching the first place in the dance chart of the USA and, on the whole, American listeners more and more sympathized with young Britain pop singers widening the boundaries of their popularity.

In 2006, after appearing in the group a new member instead of the former and releasing another album, there were first rumours about breakup of «Sugababes». Two girls who left the group had already been occupied with their own solo careers and the third girl – Keisha Buchanan – also stated in different ways that she would like to follow in their footsteps. However, it didn't prevent the group from beginning the work on the next, the fifth in succession, disc and the album «Change» was released in 2007.

And in 2009, after recording of other two albums, nobody remained in the former lineup of the group. Keisha Buchanan left «Sugababes» and her place was filled by Jade Ewen, the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entrant. It is difficult to judge now how successful this choice was as, at present, the group in new lineup didn't score any grand success. However, the girls continue to work hard on their images and mutual career trying to return «Sugababes» its former world fame.

Sugababes Video Red Dress

MixMash Espanol April 2006

Sugababes Video Red Dress (Dennis Christopher Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.102

Sugababes Video Too Lost In You (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool February 2004

Sugababes Video Push The Button

MixMash Francais October 2005

Sugababes Video Hole In The Head (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool November 2003

Sugababes Video Freak Like Me

Club Video July 2002

Sugababes Video Round Round (Cragie And Crichton Remix)

Club Video November 2002

Sugababes Video Stronger (Rockamerica Remix)

Rock America Videopool July 2003

Sugababes Video Hole In The Head

Top Hits USA Video VH-17 April 2004

Sugababes Video About You Now (Spencer And Hill Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.78

Sugababes Video Easy (Seamus Haji And Paul Emanuel Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.78

Sugababes Video Push The Button

MixMash Dance October 2005

Sugababes Video Get Sexy

MixMash Pop September 2009

Sugababes Video Round Round

UK Chart Video August 2002

Sugababes Video Hole In The Head

Canada Hot Video June 2004

Sugababes Video In The Middle

UK Chart Video April 2004

Sugababes Video Denial

MixMash Pop March 2008

Sugababes Video Caught In A Moment

MixMash Party Classics Vol.34

Girls Aloud Vs. Sugababes Video Walk This Way

MixMash Party Classics Vol.34

Sugababes Video Push The Button (Dj Prom Remix)

DTVideos Club Remixes Vol.57

Sugababes Video Red Dress

UK Chart Video March 2006

Sugababes Video Push The Button

Now That's What I Call Music! 2006 The DVD

Sugababes Video Freedom (7th Heaven Club Edit) (VPS Video Remix)

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.22

Sugababes Video Freedom (Tom Dick Harry Mix) (VJ Tony Video Mix)

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.24

Sugababes Video Freedom (7th Heaven Radio Edit) (VJ Tony Video Mix)

MixMash QuickMash 2011 Vol.20
Sugababes Videos download in VOB format

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